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06/23/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 23, 2020

1.      Solomon was given 666 talents of gold, and lived an extremely wicked life after God had granted him so much wisdom. The Bible never tells us he repented. Could he be "resurrected" and be the future antichrist since the man of sin will sit himself in the temple of God which Solomon built, and his connection to 666?

2.      Genesis says that Abraham sent Hagar away putting the “child” Ishmael on her back and yet he must have been a late teenager by then. Does this episode indicate a Bible contradiction?

3.      Why do the Catholic 10 Commandments differ from the Protestants 10 Commandments?

4.      What is absolutely necessary from the penitent and the priest for a confession to be valid?

5.      What would be the best argument to debunk “contradictions” in the Bible?

6.      Did the Blessed Virgin Mary really die?

7.      Where can I find your "The Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11" Apologetics Commentary?

8.      Are you aware that Amazon as delisted and removed all of E Michael Jones books and e-books from their site?

9.      Exod. 20 25 says not to make an altar out of stone, or steps up to the altar. How do you reconcile those practices in our current Catholic Churches?

10.  What is the Church’s teaching on tithing? Can I choose to tithe in another way?

11.  Why are some defending some of V2 documents that contain Novelties?

12.  Do you think that the hole in the ozone layer can be explained by the flood? Or is it really from all my cans of hairspray?

13.  What is the spiritual meaning of buying and selling as used in the Bible?

14.  ​How tall do you think the Giants were? Do you think there is any significance to the genetic mutations of the man of great size who had six fingers and toes, in 2 Samuel 21:20?

15.  What’s your take on BLM, do you think it’s a proxy of the left to install an anti-Christian new world order?

16.  Regarding Sedevacantism: wouldn't the word ‘manifest’ mean the pope would have to actually formally leave the faith (such as become a Protestant)?

17.  Why do so many reject the Gospel, while some hear the Gospel and repent?

18.  Is there any biblical basis for the Catholic teaching of the Particular Judgment after death?

19.  Can you explain Acts: 1-26? It seems like superstition to choose another Apostle by casting lots.

20.  What would you say to someone who says that Pentecost preachers who say the same words of consecration that Catholic priests do, are equal to Catholic priests? What distinguishes a Catholic priest from a Pentecostal preacher?