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06/09/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 9, 2020

1.      Do you know of any people that were Flat-Earthers who are not anymore due to your book or for any other reason?

2.      Did Our Lord on the Cross “take away our infirmities and diseases”? as Matthew 8:17 says?

3.      Can an extremely “orthodox” person have a lack of charity so as still to be in a spirit of disobedience?

4.      Should I be concerned about particles of the Eucharist on the floor at a Novus Ordo church as many traditionalists tell me?

5.      Do you believe in the Shroud of Turin?

6.      Was Christ crucified on the wrist or hands? If wrist, how come Saints had it on the hands?

7.      What is the Catholic teaching on western medicine? Are Catholics permitted to take tablets and painkillers like Tylenol to reduce pain? Or should Catholics instead bear with the pain and offer it up to God and unite it to the suffering of Christ on the cross?

8.      ​Should a wife always obey an abusive husband? When is she allowed to separate herself from an abusive husband?

9.      Would God withhold a sacrament form a practicing Catholic who prays to receive it?

10.  “Solve et coagula": What did you make of Vigano's letter to Trump?

11.  Why was the name Jesus picked?

12.  Please speak to the inclusion of Greek philosophy in the Catholic tradition? I understand the Greeks are correct insofar as they recognized the attributes of God as revealed in the natural world, but without the revelation of the New Testament and the Church they are far from having the fullness of truth.

13.  How should we respond when a Protestant says, “I don’t need a mediator between me and God, a personal relationships is enough.”

14.  How were mortal sins forgiven in the Old Law (for example, King David)? Were animal sacrifices enough to forgive sin? It seems not, as Paul says in Hebrews 10:4.

15.  Should we really believe in the biblical chronology of 6000 years? It’s not convincing based on the evidence that we have.

16.  Do you have any insight or have you done any study on the link between birth control and the numerous cases of breast cancer?

17.  Can you explain what the role of the bishop is as explained in Lumen Gentium vs. what Vatican I gave us about papal infallibility?

18.  What is the most convincing piece of evidence against the Jehovah's witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists who say that Jesus is St Michael the archangel?

19.  If the earth was spinning on its axis, what would it feel like? Would we know? What about planes, would they always have to fly against the earth’s rotation to reach their destination?

20.  It against the rules of your show to ask about other shows?

21.  Would you consider doing a live call-in question program like Catholic answers?

22.  What is your opinion of President Trump? I have a friend that worked in his campaign who said he said he was a mason and did the 666 fingers.

23.  Should we “call no man a fool” as the word of God says?

24.  Why should a wife be submissive to her husband? Won't modern women find this offensive!

25.  What do you think of Michael Voris of the Vortex? The radio host of TradCatKnight says he’s condoning modernism in the Church hierarchy.

26.  What is your opinion of G. Edward Griffin’s assertion that cancerous growth directly correlates to a vitamin B17 nitriloside deficiency?

27.  Can you tell us a good religious joke?