DEBATE: Papal Infallibility Debate - Robert Sungenis (Catholic) vs James White (Calvinist)


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10/07/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

October 7, 2020
1. Will you make your new movie available in digital downloadable form?
2. Do higher-level Magisterial documents overrule contradictions in lower-level ones?
3. What is the difference between mortal sin and spiritual imperfection?
4. Does the “law of a jealous husband” in Numbers 5 give an excuse for abortion?
5. What is the best defense for the deuterocanonical books of the Bible?
6. Further discussion on what makes baptisms valid.
7. Comments on Pope Francis’ new encyclical Fratelli tutti.
8. Which Bernard Cohen book said Copernicus influenced philosophy more than knowledge?
9. Why are you a heretic that promotes the Vatican II Protestant occult church?
10. Did anything exceptional come out of Vatican II?
11. What is the best apologetic to bring Protestants back to the Catholic Church?
12. What is the best economic system?
13. What is the best argument against the radiometric carbon dating method?
14. How can I become submissive to…

10/06/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

October 6, 2020
1. Pope’s decree on Indulgences during Covid-19.
2. How to find the list of questions from previous shows.
3. Further clarification of Natural Selection.
4. More comments on turning the other cheek?
5. Elaboration on the infinite regress question regarding infallibility.
6. Further comments on capitalism vs. socialism.
7. Can two souls inhabit one body such as in conjoined twins?
8. Can a soul split or multiply into two separate persons?
9. Is a person allowed to marry conjoined twins?
10. Is a Protestant baptism valid if the water and the words are not simultaneous?
11. If receiving in hand is Ok, why do priests practice ablution after Mass?
12. Would you consider doing a debate on Sedevacantism or Vatican II?
13. What is your view of Archbishop Viganò’s opposition to Vatican II?
14. Why do you believe the theory of there being an imposter Sister Lucia?
15. Thoughts on David Wemhoff’s views of Americanism and the Catholic Church.

09/30/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

September 30, 2020
1. What is the role of the Church in politics and endorsing of political parties?
2. How can I teach young children about geocentrism?
3. What does “I will pour out my Spirit in the last days” mean?
4. Comments on Casti cunnubii and contraception.
5. What do you think of Michael S. Heiser?
6. What are your thoughts on redaction criticism of the bible?
7. What bible translations do you recommend?
8. What do you think about the Q-Source hypothesis?
9. Can we get a recommended book list from you?
10. Comments on Baptist preachers.
11. Is it OK to pray the Rosary while smoking a cigar?
12. Is it beneficial to pray for Protestants or non-believers who have died?
13. Why isn’t the Book of Enoch in the bible?
14. What would you tell Pope Francis if you had the chance?
15. Why was Pope Paul VI attracted to Jacques Maritain’s Integral Humanism?
16. Is refusing to help a dying person the same as murder in the Church’s eyes?
17. How can we p…