Ruminations on Archbishop Viganó’s Recent Letter: Vatican II Is Not the Problem

On June 9, 2020, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó wrote a public letter giving what he believes is the correct course of action for faithful Catholics in light of the crisis in the Catholic Church. As I read the letter, I agreed with about 90% of it, since I, like many other Catholics, have seen with our own eyes over the last few decades the astounding degradation of our Catholic doctrines and practices. 

Still, there was about 10
% of the letter—the part that contained what the Archbishop believes to be the correct course of action to reverse and remedy our desperate situation— that seemed to me to be very desperate itself. In brief, the remedy is that we should blame Vatican Council II for the evils that beset us and treat it accordingly, essentially rejecting it since it is the root of the problem. As such, the Archbishop wishes to reject the “hermeneutic of continuity” since in his estimation it has proven to be an utter failure and consequently it should be abandoned as a remedy for some of the more controversial statements in Vatican II’s documents (e.g., those in Nostra aetate, Dignitatis humanae, Gaudium et spes, etc.).

Simply put, as much as I admire the Archbishop for all the good he has done for us in the past couple of years in exposing the corruptions that high-placed Catholic clerics have forced into the Church, his present remedy is, as characterized by some popular clichés, a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, or better, a case in which the medicine is worse than the disease. Reaction and remedy against the evils that face us is unarguably correct, but overreaction and desperation are not good and will only hurt us more in the end.

I am going to go through the Archbishop’s letter to point out where he has crossed the line, as it were, in giving the Catholic faithful his recommendations for a remedy to the crisis.

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Book Review of: God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says, by Michael Coogan

Book Review of: God and Sex: What the Bible
Really Says, by Michael Coogan
ISBN: 978-0-446-54525-9
Reviewed for Culture Wars, September 2012 issue
Reviewed by Robert Sungenis, Sr., Ph.D.

Michael Coogan’s book, God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says, is one of the most revolting and heterodox pieces of prose I’ve read in a long time. Ironically, the book has no right to be called by its given title since, as we will see, Coogan doesn’t believe that God has anything to do with either the God or the sex he finds in the Bible; and what he believes “the Bible Really Says” is not what the Bible says at all. It is a figment of Coogan’s fertile imagination that he intends on using to create a new sexual revolution or, at the least, give traction to the one already upon us. The endorsement chosen from Bart Ehrman, the New York Times bestselling author of Misquoting Jesus, sets the pace. Ehrman says Coogan “shows how ancient authors viewed the world of sexuality, and how these ancient reflections can influence modern thinking on issues ranging from adultery and premarital sex to same-sex relations and heterosexual sex within marriage.” Another remark on the inside cover says, “…the Bible contains many contradictory, ambiguous, and downright strange directives.” Coogan was also interviewed by TIME magazine and he essentially says the same things. Make no mistake about it. Coogan is attempting to turn traditional sexual mores upside down and, interestingly enough, he will attempt to do so by appealing to the Bible itself as the source of these revolutionary ideas. So buckle up. You’re in for an interesting ride.

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Jimmy Akin and the Unanimous Consent of the Fathers A Critique by Robert Sungenis

In Brett Salkeld’s paper, Creationism as a Conspiracy Theory, he makes a reference to Jimmy Akin’s article, “The ‘Unanimous Consent’ of the Church Fathers,” which was published in the August 17, 2018 issue of the National Catholic Register

Since Akin’s thesis is a major plank of Salkeld’s thesis, I will make a point-by-point critique of Mr. Akin’s paper.

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Bishop Robert Barron and his Dubious Beliefs About Creation and the Bible

As an addition to my critique of Brett Salkeld’s “Catholic Creationism as a Conspiracy Theory,” I have included this critique of Bishop Barron since Salkeld makes reference to a video Bishop Barron produced on Youtube.1 Bishop Robert Barron is a product of his generation. He, like every other liberal of his time, believes we have ‘come of age,’ as the saying goes, and therefore we can dismiss the literal interpretation of Genesis that our forebears so diligently safeguarded for us. What he accuses his opponents of doing is what he himself is doing. Of course, he has his reasons for his modernistic interpretation and in his heart he believes he is defending the Bible and Catholicism. In reality, he is destroying our tradition and the trust we have placed in the Bible to give us inspired and inerrant divine revelation about human origins. Let’s hear Fr. Barron speak for himself (and I will critique him line-by-line)

Poor Catholics So Deceived about Evolution and the Bible A Critique of Brett Salkeld's Creationism as a Conspiracy Theory

As my patrons know, I have been dealing with the subject of creationism v. evolution for the last 40 years. Although I have not written a book specifically on evolution, I have included critiques of it in my books, Scientific Heresies and A Commentary on Genesis 1-11, in addition to numerous treatments in published and unpublished articles. After reading Salkeld’s paper, I was amazed at the total misrepresentation of the creation side of the story and the modern science that backs it up. I was also alarmed by Bishop Robert Barron, who Salkeld cites for support, with his cavalier attitude of Scripture; and how Jimmy Akin, who Salkeld also cites, takes sides against the traditional requirement concerning the unanimous consent of the Fathers. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I read Salkeld had the audacity to accuse creationists of being part of a “conspiracy theory,” yet, by his own admission, he had refused to answer any of their challenges. It was then I decided to write a thorough critique of his paper. When someone says he gives himself the right to spout his own beliefs but will not answer any challenges, this puts a whole different light on who and what we are dealing with. With that said, I will answer Salkeld’s paper line-by-line, including an analysis of Bishop Robert Barron views and Jimmy Akin when Salkeld makes reference to them. Before we start, look at this 7:00 minute video in which a staunch Ph.D. educated evolutionist converted to creationism based on the science brought to him by a young girl in his classroom.

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05/26/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - God’s role in the Covid-19, doctrine of justification, Jesuits, Coriolis, Evolution & Catholic Answers, sins against the Holy Ghost, Old Testament sacrifice, Indulgences, capitalism, socialism and communism, Hail full of grace, kecharitomene

1.      What is God’s role in the Covid-19 situation?
2.      Do Protestant apologists believe that everyone got the doctrine of justification wrong for 1,500 years until Luther?
3.      Have you read Jonathan Sarfati's book The Genesis Account? I know you wrote a similar book.
4.      Why were the Jesuits suppressed from 1773-1814?
5.      In the geocentric system, if the Coriolis is a force, where does it come from?
6.      What force keeps the distant stars in orbit around the Earth, but also doesn't crush us?
7.      How can we prove to a non-believer that the Church is a divine institution whose claims are true? This person doesn't accept Scripture, as it was compiled by the Church herself.
8.      Can Catholics believe in Evolution or do we have to take Genesis literally? I have heard from apologists of Catholic Answers that the Church allows the faithful to choose whether they want to believe in Evolution or not.
9.      Fr. Ripperger suggests that DNA degradation is a short-cut way to prove that Evolution is not correct. What are your thoughts?
10.  What does John 6:63 mean when it says “… the flesh profits nothing"? Anti-Catholics are using this against John 6 referring to the Eucharist.
11.  Have you read Dr Thomas Pink's work that Dignitatis Humanae? Is it in accord w/ the Church's tradition?
12.  It seems that Catholic warriors throughout the ages have a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin, i.e. Salve Regina for the Crusaders, Virgin de Guadeloupe at Lepanto. Do you think there is a correlation between those who fight and die for the Kingdom of God on Earth and a love for Our Lady Hope of Christians?
13.  Did you see the recent article of Pope Benedict XVI saying he held the ‘spiritual’ component of the Papacy? Is this the Bene Plenists redemption arc? Does this nullify his resignation if this is true?
14.  What is the Catholic interpretation/understanding of sins against the Holy Ghost which will not be forgiven?
15.  Can a Bishop deny RCIA candidates baptism? Or is this against Divine law?
16.  Bob, you said an Old Testament sacrifice was only offered for unknown sins. Could you expand on that and indicate how that helps our understanding of the sacrifice of Mass?
17.  Does “Faith as small as a mustard seed” include just believing that Genesis is history?
18.  What are your thoughts on the teachings of Fr. Michel Rodrigue and the Illumination of Conscience? I have some reservations based on his mentioning Medjugorje.
19.  In Romans 4, is it possible for the Protestant to argue that David referred to his first justification, and though the justified man sins, blessed is he who was justified; Thus 1, and not 2 justifications?
20.  Dr. Robert, can you explain Catholic Indulgences?
21.  Is it true there is a prophecy in the bible that says Satan will sit in the Church, basically in the seat of Peter? If so, what would the outcome be? And do we stay in the Church while Satan sits in the chair?
22.  Can you give a better explanation of capitalism, socialism and communism? And why are Catholics divided on distributism?
23.  What's the best way to defend the Church’s teaching on contraception to a Protestant?
24.  Did God create man lower than the angels before the fall, or is it just after the fall that man became lower than the angels?
25.  Did Samson go to Heaven?
26.  Are Enoch and Elias were still alive, and will they return at the End Times, to bear witness for the Jews, and then get killed by the anti-Christ?
27.  Why do most translations of the Bible render Luke 1:28 as "Greetings you who are highly favored" rather than "Hail, full of grace"?
28.  I looked up online the Greek lexicon, and it said that the Vulgate's use of "gratia plena" was not correct. What then is the correct meaning of the Greek "kecharitomene"?
29.  Dr. Sungenis, do you hold views against the "normal" scientific establishment, such as geocentrism, young-Earth creation, etc.? Do you have a medical opinion about viruses and bacteria causing disease?

Dr. James R. White On the Work of Calvary Supports the Theology of the Catholic Mass

Robert Sungenis referenced this passage in tonight's broadcast. He referred to it as "couldn't have been written better by Thomas Aquinas" clearly expressing the Catholic theology of the Mass.
Except it wasn't written by Thomas Aquinas.
It was written by reformed Baptist apologist, professor, and elder, Dr. James R White, of Alpha and Omega Ministries. He's debated most of the Catholic apologists out there.
"The terms “offering” and “sacrifice” come straight from the Levitical concepts of sacrifice in the law. The writer of Hebrews also used this kind of language in describing the work of Christ: “But when Christ appeared as high priest of the good things to come, (He entered) through the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made by hands, that is, not of this creation, neither did he enter the holy place once for all through the blood of goats and calves, but through His own blood, having obtained eternal redemption.” (Hebrews 9:11-12) On what basis does Christ enter into the Holy Place? Not through the blood of goats and calves, but through His own blood. He enters into the presence of the Father, having obtained eternal redemption. Christ presents Himself before the Father as the perfect oblation in behalf of His people. His work of intercession, then, is based on His work of atonement. Intercession is not another or different kind of work, but is the presentation of the work of the cross before the Father.7 Jesus does not implore the Father to be merciful to men without grounds for that mercy, does He? Would the Son ask the Father to compromise His holiness and justice by simply overlooking sin? Surely not! Rather, the Son intercedes for men before the Father on the basis of the fact that in His death He has taken away the sins of God’s people, and therefore, by presenting His finished work on Calvary before the Father, He assures the application of the benefits of His death to those for whom He intercedes."
Here is Robert Sungenis quoting it in the Mass debate with Dr. White:

-Laurence Gonzaga, posted on Facebook

05/20/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Hebrews 10:10, Reformed Protestants, propitiation, penal substitution, St. Paul considered an Apostle, Earth is the largest object in the universe, Nephilim, Ukrainian Catholic Church, Dr. Danny Faulkner, dinosaurs, Catechism, NASA, hardback books, Divine Mercy, Latin Mass, AA, Anti Christ, Judas is in hell

1.      In Hebrews 10:10, how does the verb ‘sanctified’ (in the passive past participle tense) mean that the ‘once-for-all’ sacrifice was actually performed once in the bloody manner (on the Cross) and must be continually repeated in a different manner (in the Mass)? I do not see how this would be convincing to my reformed Protestant friends who will say that we are continually sanctified because Jesus died ‘once’ on the Cross and then gave us the Holy Spirit. Of course they believe that the Mass is not a sacrifice, and Jesus’ once-for-all sacrifice is sufficient for our sanctification. I think I’m missing something in your argument about the tenses of the verb ‘sanctified’.
2.      What is the most convincing argument against reform Protestants on the topic of propitiation? How do we argue against the Reformer’s concept of Jesus’ death as our penal substitution?
3.      Is St. Paul considered an Apostle? Or are only The Twelve considered Apostles?
4.      I heard that Scott Hahn said that the Muslims will receive the wrath of God, but that this wrath is actually the love of God. This didn’t sound right to me. What do you think?
5.      Could it be possible that Earth is the largest object in the universe and that the Sun, Moon and stars are way closer than they’re thought to be? Or is their size and distance a known fact?
6.      What have the Catholic Church and the Fathers said the Nephilim were, in Genesis 6? Were they human-angel hybrids?
7.      Is it a sin to use Solomon’s Magic against demons and the fallen?
8.      Do we as American Catholics have a share of culpability responsible for the decline of moral society and culture of our nation?
9.      Was Lucifer the devil, or an ancient king?
10.  Is it permissible for a western rite Roman Catholic to go to Mass and the sacraments in the Ukrainian Catholic Church?
11.  Would you recommend books by creation astronomers like Dr. Danny Faulkner?
12.  Do dinosaurs disprove a young Earth?
13.  Have there been any changes to The Catechism of the Catholic Church book publishings?
14.  If geocentrism is true, why doesn’t NASA confirm that?
15.  Certain soft-back Sungenis books will eventually be made available in hardback.
16.  What sources of information have convinced you that Divine Mercy was a false devotion?
17.  At the End Times Satan will be given some freedom and show many wonders that even the very Elect would have believed.
18.  Are you in favor of the Latin Mass?
19.  If you were to do an experiment to prove that the Earth is at the center of the universe and does not rotate, without a Michelson-Morley experiment, what would you do?
20.  What advice would you give your younger self?
21.  What is your opinion of AA? And is there an alternative for someone who has an addiction to alcohol?
22.  Is the Anti Christ a human?
23.  What do you think of Dr Taylor Marshall?
24.  What do those tabs mean in your Denzinger?
25.  Response to: “America needs to start their own American Catholic Church. Elect women and men. Allow men to be married. Update our thinking. Rome has too many old men making decisions. One reason mostly women attend masses.”
26.  How do I kindly refute my science teacher on creationism, young earth and geocentrism?
27.  How much has the Church affirmed that Judas is in hell? Is it authoritative?
28.  There is a 25% discount on all Sungenis products through May 31st 2020, at

05/19/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - James Akin’s book on Justification, Rosary and the Scapular, Georges Lemaître, suffering, Crusades or the Inquisition, Christ’s sufferings, Dimond Brothers, St. Alphonsus Liguori vs Aquinas, Philip Schaff & James White, James 2:24

1.      Extensive discussion on James Akin’s book on Justification.
2.      What do you think about the phrase (attributed to Our Lady): “Through the Rosary and the Scapular I will save the world.”?
3.      What is the craziest thing you’ve ever read that a Saint said or did?
4.      What is your opinion of Georges Lemaître?
5.      What is the purpose of suffering?
6.      Would you describe yourself as a peleo-conservative in regard to politics, like Pat Buchannan?
7.      Response to: “To oppose evolution when there was no theological or scriptural reason to do so damaged the credibility of the faith in the modern world.”
8.      How can we know what parts of what a pope says are infallible?
9.      How would you defend the Church when people attack it because of the Crusades or the Inquisition?
10.  Why does St. Thomas Aquinas say that the very least one of Christ’s sufferings was sufficient to redeem the human race from all sins?
11.  Have you heard about the vast radio burst enigma?
12.  Comments on the Dimond Brothers.
13.  What do you think of St. Alphonsus Liguori’s Theologia Moralis and the claim that he is equal or greater than St. Thomas Aquinas by merit of his moral theology?
14.  What are your thoughts on Philip Schaff and what books do you recommend by him? He is often cites by Protestants (like James White) in debates against Catholics.
15.  Why do Protestants believe James 2:24 refers to a “dead” faith?

05/13/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Jimmy Akin and Faith and Works Controversy, E. Michael Jones, Hail Marys to Pay for Heaven, un-baptized babies, and more

1.      Comments on Matt 16:28 concerning Christ’s coming judgment upon men’s works.
2.      Comments on the August blessedness of our immaculate Virgin Mother?
3.      On Catholic Answers Live, Jimmy Akin [apparently] said that it's a "misconception", esp. amongst Catholics, that the Church teaches that faith and works are required for salvation. Jimmy Akin went on to say [apparently] that faith alone does not save, nor works alone either. So, faith alone doesn't save, works alone doesn't save (we already know these two), and faith and works don't save. So, what does save?
4.      Comments on the works of E. Michael Jones?
5.      In our Catholic Tradition, who crushed the serpent's head? Was it the Blessed Mother, or our Lord?
6.      Comments about St. Louis de Montfort writing that it was an abomination that our Lord would say you can pay your way to Heaven by saying Hail Marys.
7.      Is there a video or part of a video on the Foucault Pendulum?
8.      Can one be 100% sure that miscarried babies’ souls are in heaven?
9.      Can you explain Humani Generis? It seems that we are not allowed to believe in evolution but it was allowed to research it. It that correct?
10.  Where can I find your detailed explanation about Noah's Ark?
11.  Comments on Gerry defending Montefort by appealing to the “meritus de congruo va de consignor” distinction, and Jesus counting the money that he earned which Mary dispenses via the Rosaries we pray. And comments on “meritus de congruo vs. meritus de condign”.
12.  Has there been recent developments or scientific support for the axis of evil supporting geocentrism?
13.  Could one say that God justifies through sanctification?
14.  Are priests not allowed to use Mozart's Requiem in funerals and Bach's Mass in B minor in Solemn High Masses because Mozart was a Mason and Bach was a Lutheran? Or they can?
15.  Why does the Michelson-Morley experiment show a small ether drift but sapphire resonators show no ether drift? Both experiments show that the Earth is not revolving.
16.  Comments on the Church’s teaching on “faith and works”.
17.  Comments on whether un-baptized babies that die can have the Beatific Vision.

05/12/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Canon Law 844, Penance, six days of Creation, 3 Days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, Movie Risen, Dr. David Anders, Taxes, Separation of Races

1.      Comments on the 1983 Code of Canon Law 844 Paragraph 4 which allows the sacraments of penance, the anointing of the sick and Holy Communion to non-Catholics who manifest Catholic faith.
2.      Comments on the six days of Creation?
3.      Is Usury sin?
4.      How do we get from Good Friday to Easter Sunday when the Bible says Jesus was in the tomb for three days and three nights as it says in Matthew 12:40?
5.      Comments regarding vaccines. Are they safe? Is there a vaccine conspiracy?
6.      Can you explain in what form or fashion God speaks to Catholics and how we are to understand this? Pentecostals talk about “God speaking to them”, and they seem to have a loose understanding of prophecy.
7.      What do you think of the movie Risen? Why does there not seem to be many authentic Catholic movies about Jesus, most seem to be all protestant?
8.      Who elects the Pope? God the Father alone or all 3 persons of the Trinity? And regarding what Benedict said recently about having some part of the primacy; is that heresy? Many have said he is a heretic. Can we say this about him?
9.      I understand that the autographs (original manuscripts) of the books of the Bible are not available. We do have copies of them? The books of the Bible. Bibles were translated into other languages. Since only the original manuscripts were infallible and they are not extant, can we have confidence that the copies and the Catholic translations (like the Douay Rheims Bible) are absolutely accurate and true to the original?
10.  Gotta give push back on your “laity have no recourse to an action in the face of hierarchy”. Church history is full of examples St Joan of Arc, St Catherine of Siena, Charlemagne, Alfonso the Catholic.
11.  In the book Secret of the Rosary there is a vision that our Lord said "I am counting the Hail Mary's you have said. It's the money with which you can pay your way to heaven." What do we make of that?
12.  Would you possibly debate Dr. David Anders on "Did St. Augustine support 'theistic evolution"?
13.  What’s the Catholic view on the state taxing its citizens?
14.  What do you think are the top 3 topics that need to be addressed to get the Church back to tradition and able to influence the culture?
15.  What is the true meaning of Matt16:28 … “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom”? Atheists use this to say Christianity is a hoax.
16.  Robert, have you ever heard God's voice or him speaking to you in a way? How can I tell if a thought I have is from God or just my own conscience?
17.  Dr Sungenis, would you say that the separation of the races, in terms of physical differences, occurred when God split everyone up after Babel? Or would it have occurred naturally due to environment and climate from that point?

05/06/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - infallibility of doctrines, how we should live our faith, conversion of the Jewish people, Divine Mercy, Communion in the hand, Savanorola, being sued, Orthodox CCD class, Greek exegetical, God changing His mind, Protestant Bibles, How the Bible developed, VFP, NT canon, infallible teachings, Genesis 5 and 11, Free Will, excommunication, Syllabus of Errors, Index of Forbidden Books

1.      Discussion on various topics including the infallibility of doctrines.
2.      After you’re shutdown on YT and we can’t get the sacraments anywhere, what is your advice on how we should live our faith? Should we look to martyrs, live like monastics or both?
3.      In the End Times, will there be a massive conversion of the Jewish people to the Catholic Faith?
4.      Do we have the right to reject the Divine Mercy revelation? Pius XII and John XXIII condemned the work. Now Divine mercy is everywhere.
5.      If, when mass comes back, they decide to only make communion available to take only in the hand, are you going to go along with it?
6.      Dr. Sungenis, what are your thoughts on Savanorola? Is he a good example for how to act in the face of a debauched, abusive hierarchy, or an example of private opinion run wild, out of control?
7.      Dr. Sungenis, Have you ever been legally sued for standing up for the Catholic faith? How does a Catholic stand up for the faith if he must also think about the consequences that can hurt his family?
8.      Do you know of any Orthodox CCD class (online) for 1st Communion, My daughter needs to make her 1st Communion?
9.      Dr. Sungenis, should I buy your Greek exegetical piece by piece or the whole kit and ka boodle when it’s all done? Will it be more value to wait, or volume by volume?
10.  How then can our pleadings/prayers change His mind? God is all-knowing he sees the totality of history in one glance & God's divine plan is perfect, there is nothing we can tell God that he doesn’t know.
11.  Can you write a HISTORICAL book how the bible developed or came to be as we know it now?
12.  Can you explain the immutability of God?
13.  Why do Protestants accept the Catholic bible, albeit with a few edits? They should compile their own scriptures.
14.  Is NFP the 8th Sacrament or the 11th Commandment?
15.  In regards to the NT canon, if a Protestant asserts that in the OT Jews without an infallible church could recognize scripture, why can't Christians do that for the NT canon without relying on the Church?
16.  What exact statement needs to be said or done for it to be infallible? I sometimes liken it to an executive order. But the executive orders are filed as such.
17.  Do you still believe that the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 do not represent father son relationships as you said in Appendix 4 of the first edition of Not By Bread Alone?
18.  Is free will a dogma of the Church? Because the fact that Christ sees the future (or other mystics/prophets who see the actual events of a future event) would preclude human free will.
19.  In what case/cases can a Catholic excommunicate oneself? Abortion I know is one way.
20.  Are Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors and the Index of Forbidden Books infallible and valid?

05/05/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Theology of the Body, Conclave, Jesus' medical cause of death, Mary Spouse to Joseph and Holy Spirit, 2 Peter 3:14-18, papal infallibility, the development of doctrine, Eden, etc

1.      1-hour+ discussion on Theology of the Body.
2.      Can you explain the Conclave; the votes, the smoke and all the nuances? How and when did this process develop?
3.      When Our Lord died on the Holy Cross, what was the actual medical cause of his death?
4.      If Mary is the spouse of the Holy Ghost, how can she be the spouse of St. Joseph at the same time?
5.      Why don’t Catholic apologists use 2 Peter 3:14-18 more often against Protestant quote miners?
6.      Was the blessed Mother with the apostles in the upper room during Pentecost?
7.      Do you think that the papal infallibility Ed decrees of Vatican I are used as a smokescreen to distract from the decrees on faith and reason sometimes? Especially ... in regards to modernism and Canon 4 paragraph 3 of Vatican I: “If anyone says that it is possible that at some time, given the advancement of knowledge, a sense may be assigned to the dogmas propounded by the Church which is different from that which the Church has understood and understands: let him be anathema”.
8.      Discussion on “the development of doctrine”.
9.      Was Eden in Canaan, Mesopotamia, or somewhere else?

Catholic Zionism: Contradiction in Terms

Gavin D'Costa - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
In the January 2020 issue of First Things, a new phrase was coined to advance the ecumenical efforts between Jews and Catholics. That phrase is “Catholic Zionism,” appearing here in the literature for the first time, to my knowledge. It seeks to make itself the Catholic version of the more common “Christian Zionism” by divesting itself of the apocalyptic dimensions of the latter but continuing to advance the idea that God still owes land to the Jews and has been fulfilling that promise by giving them the present land of Palestine. The full title is: “Catholic Zionism: The Jewish State is a Sign of God’s Fidelity,” written by Gavin D’Costa. The author tries to convince his reader that Catholics should help in this divine endeavor and by doing so they become “Catholic Zionists.”

The Death Penalty: Admissible or Inadmissible? A Response to Tim Staples and Catholic Answers

The Death Penalty: Admissible or Inadmissible?
A Response to Tim Staples and Catholic Answers

Tim Staples - Apologetics, Bible, Convert Catholic SpeakerSome of my patrons have asked me to give my analysis to a paper Tim Staples wrote last year regarding Pope Francis’ change to the Catholic Catechism on the death penalty. Mr. Staples’paper can be found at‐francis‐and‐the‐death‐penalty

As most know, Tim Staples works for Catholic Answers. Although Catholic Answers has done much good in teaching people about Catholicism, like all of us, it is certainly not infallible and is not an official organ of the church. In some cases, the answers Catholic Answers gives are not the
best Catholic answers.

Catholic Answers has developed a reputation for siding with the teachings and practices of the modern Catholic hierarchy over against the teachings and practices of the traditional Catholic church to the extent that almost anything the modern popes say or do is defended as true, good and wholesome. In fact, things the modern papacy has said or did that many other Catholics have seen as acutely problematic and bordering on heretical, Catholic Answers has either brushed over or ignored altogether; and at the same time it admonishes other Catholics for pointing out these doctrinal aberrations.

Read the Full Article (PDF)

04/29/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Death Penalty, Adam and Eve, Ordinary Magisterium, JP2 is a Saint, Pangea, Old Covenant, Theology of the Body, James White

1.      Comments on the Death Penalty.
2.      Why did Adam and Eve became ashamed of their bodies?
3.      What was “the knowledge of good and evil”?
4.      Is the Ordinary Magisterium of the Catholic Church ALWAYS infallible?
5.      Are the incorrupt bodies proof of saints and the supernatural faith of Catholicism? Because some claims there are incorrupt gurus too.
6.      Do you believe JP2 is a Saint?
7.      Did something like Pangea really exist hundreds of millions of years ago where all the continents were joined together? Or are the positions of all the continents today, the same as in the beginning of the world?
8.      Can you be saved if you don’t go to Church but do the right things when making decisions?
9.      In the Good Friday petitions, we pray that the Jews “may continue to grow . . . in faithfulness to [God’s] covenant.” In light of the reality that the Old Covenant has been abolished, how can this petition be interpreted in an orthodox sense?
10.  What are we to do about 1-issue voters? For example, I feel like certain folks would vote for Gaddafi if he was prolife.
11.  What was the problem with “Theology of the Body” of Pope John Paul 2?
12.  Is there any subject you haven’t debated James White on?
13.  Where can I read more about Masonic influence on the theory of evolution? Why do Masons have such a strong influence on science; what’s their agenda?
14.  Regarding the rich man in hell asking for Abraham and Lazarus to intercede for him: Could Catholics use this to make a case for saintly intercession?
15.  Why are the popes so scared of consecrating Russia to Mary? What is the big deal of saying a prayer for the Blessed Virgin Mary? What is it that they're scared of exactly?