Online Videos

  1. Interview by Alberto Medici
  2. Robert Sungenis on the Book of the Apocalypse (Revelation)
  3. Charismatics, Geocentrism & Current Crisis
  4. On Pope Francis - Iron Sharpens Iron (1 Mp3)
  1. "Mary: Sinless Queen of Heaven or Sinner Saved by Grace?" Robert Sungenis vs. Tony Costa (2017)
  2. Authority in Religion Debate - David Hester (Church of Christ) vs Robert Sungenis (2013)
  3. Vatican II Debate - Dimond vs. Sungenis - on Nostra Aetate #3 and the Muslims (2011)
  4. Is Purgatory Biblical? (Robert Sungenis vs James White)
  5. Theological Foundations for the Doctrine of Purgatory (given the day after above debate at Newburg Christian Church in Newburg Oregon)
  6. The Bodily Assumption of Mary (Robert Sungenis vs James White)
  7. Predestination or Free Will? (Robert Sungenis vs James White)
  8. Is the Bible the Sole Authority to the Christians? Sungenis vs Lockwood
  9. Is the Roman Mass a Propitiatory Sacrifice? (Robert Sungenis vs James White) 
  10. Justification By Faith (Robert Sungenis vs James White) 
  11. The Mass (Robert Sungenis vs James White) 
  12. Papal Infallibility (Robert Sungenis vs James White) 
  13. Papacy (Robert Sungenis and Scott Butler vs James White and Rob Zins)
2009 Series in San Bernardino, CA


  1. Hi! Im a big fan and was wondering if you have videos of any of your recent debates. I cant find new ones! Thanks

    1. Since the Mary debate, there hasn't been another debate since.
      Robert has stated on air that he thinks his debating days are behind him.
      We contacted James White several times if he'd like to debate sola scriptura, but he has not responded.
      Robert also wouldn't debate just any challenger either.
      They would have to be in the same caliber as his previous opponents.

  2. Dr. Robert Sungenis: I was surprised to hear on your talk "Dr. Robert Sungenis Presentation on Geocentrism in Dallas, Texas", Dec 1, 2015 that the earth does not move. How do you explain the movement of Mars? As you plot the movement of Mars across the night sky, Mars will move forward, stop, move in the opposite direction and then move forward. I know of no way to explain this unless I allow the earth to move around the sun.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Marlin Panther
    821 N C St.
    Lompoc, CA 93436

  3. I doubt you have THE PRINCIPLE open to the public so thought I would let you know someone has posted the full version of your movie here so that you can file the appropriate copyright infringement claim with youtube. They do not accept third party claims so I could not do it for you:

  4. Is there any way I can get your speaking schedule? I live in Chicago. Always been a fan.

    1. We haven't published his speaking schedule in many years.
      Usually that's because there are those out there that wish to ensure he is disinvited to speak.


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