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06/30/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 30, 2020 1.       Discussion on Faith and Works 2.       Clarification of Ishmael’s age. 3.       Is it a sin to want to be rich to take care of my family and future grandchildren? 4.        Do you have any interesting or funny stories with James White behind the scenes? Would you ever consider going on his show the Dividing line? 5.       Is a baptism by a non-Catholic valid? 6.       Do you have a solution to the high shipping costs of your books sent to other continents? 7.       How would you reconcile the creation account of Genesis 1 and 2? 8.       How can we answer Born Again Christians saying works are not necessary for salvation? The passage they use is the Good Thief on the cross. 9.       How do you think some ancient people moved heavy objects we can't move today? 10.   In Einstein's special relativity theory, what does “the mass has to increase” mean? Does the object get heavier as it accelerates? 11.   Will you

06/24/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 24, 2020 1.       In Genesis 1, why was the 'vegetation' made before 'luminaries'? 2.       Did Samson loose his strength because he disobeyed God, got his hair cut off or both? 3.       Did you send a copy of Galileo was Wrong the Church was Right to the Pope/Vatican? 4.       Matthew 16 and Isaiah 22 speak of the keys of the Kingdom. But why did the apostles asked to sit at Jesus’ right hand AFTER Matthew 16? 5.       What is hermeneutic of continuity? 6.       After the devastating loses that James White would go through in his many debates with you, would you and him talk prior or after the debates? 7.       In Philemon verses 10 & 11, is there a wordplay going on with 'Onesimos' and the words 'achrestos' & 'euchrestos'? 8.       Is there a contradiction between Revelation 14:10 and 2 Thess. 1:9 about the wicked being said to be punished 'before' the Lord in one verse and 'away'

06/23/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 23, 2020 1.       Solomon was given 666 talents of gold, and lived an extremely wicked life after God had granted him so much wisdom. The Bible never tells us he repented. Could he be "resurrected" and be the future antichrist since the man of sin will sit himself in the temple of God which Solomon built, and his connection to 666? 2.       Genesis says that Abraham sent Hagar away putting the “child” Ishmael on her back and yet he must have been a late teenager by then. Does this episode indicate a Bible contradiction? 3.       Why do the Catholic 10 Commandments differ from the Protestants 10 Commandments? 4.       What is absolutely necessary from the penitent and the priest for a confession to be valid? 5.       What would be the best argument to debunk “contradictions” in the Bible? 6.       Did the Blessed Virgin Mary really die? 7.       Where can I find your "The Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11" Apologetics Commentary?

Ruminations on Archbishop Viganó’s Recent Letter: Vatican II Is Not the Problem

On June 9, 2020, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó wrote a public letter giving what he believes is the correct course of action for faithful Catholics in light of the crisis in the Catholic Church. As I read the letter, I agreed with about 90% of it, since I, like many other Catholics, have seen with our own eyes over the last few decades the astounding degradation of our Catholic doctrines and practices.  Still, there was about 10 % of the letter—the part that contained what the Archbishop believes to be the correct course of action to reverse and remedy our desperate situation— that seemed to me to be very desperate itself. In brief, the remedy is that we should blame Vatican Council II for the evils that beset us and treat it accordingly, essentially rejecting it since it is the root of the problem. As such, the Archbishop wishes to reject the “hermeneutic of continuity” since in his estimation it has proven to be an utter failure and consequently it should be abandoned as a remed

06/17/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 17, 2020 1.       Is watching boxing a sin because we are being entertained by violence and the goal in boxing is to physically hurt your opponent? 2.       Can God change the Past? 3.       When we read in Psalms, "The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love", should we take that literally? Or as a poetic expression of the writer and not literal? 4.       Should​ married women never work outside the home?   Is there any church teaching that specifically states or support this argument? 5.       What are the signs leading up to Our Lord's second coming? 6.       To your response to Viganò, I think your saying to sit on your hands till the wolf is literally at the door not down the path. 7.      ​Are you familiar with Walt Brown’s hydroplate theory? 8.       What do you think about ​Fr. Ripperger saying women should not work outside of the home without a grave reason? 9.      ​Do you think th

06/16/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 16, 2020 1.       Discussion about Archbishop Viganò. 2.       What do the secular scientists say about the Axis of Evil? Do they accept that it exists or do they attempt to explain it away somehow? 3.       What is the counsel of Balaam? 4.       What does it mean when the Bible says a woman is saved through childbearing? 5.       Do Catholics believe in salvation by grace alone? 6.       Someone said God was a Mother, not a Father. Have you heard of a crazy cult like this? 7.       Did you know Lucifericans are planning a march in many cities around the world on the June 21 solstice next Sunday, to bring in one world government and the New World Order? ​Also erecting statues of Baphomet in many cities in USA. 8.       How mad would you be if you're taken up to heaven, you look down, and see the Earth is flat and it's riding on the back of a space tortoise? 9.       Dr Sungenis, when you write these papers critiquing Tim Staples, J.

Book Review of: God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says, by Michael Coogan

Book Review of: God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says, by Michael Coogan ISBN: 978-0-446-54525-9 Reviewed for Culture Wars, September 2012 issue Reviewed by Robert Sungenis, Sr., Ph.D. Michael Coogan’s book, God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says, is one of the most revolting and heterodox pieces of prose I’ve read in a long time. Ironically, the book has no right to be called by its given title since, as we will see, Coogan doesn’t believe that God has anything to do with either the God or the sex he finds in the Bible; and what he believes “the Bible Really Says” is not what the Bible says at all. It is a figment of Coogan’s fertile imagination that he intends on using to create a new sexual revolution or, at the least, give traction to the one already upon us. The endorsement chosen from Bart Ehrman, the New York Times bestselling author of Misquoting Jesus, sets the pace. Ehrman says Coogan “shows how ancient authors viewed the world of sexuality, and how these

06/10/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 10, 2020 1.       Comments on current events. 2.       Is it a mortal sin to go over to a person's home when you know they are living in mortal sin such as cohabitation or being married outside the Church? 3.       Have you noticed that most traditionalists are bitter people? What are your thoughts? 4.       If 80% of the Book of Revelation is symbolic in some way, why can't the first few chapters of Genesis (creation story) be mostly symbolic? 5.       Robert, are all of your family members catholic? 6.       ​What does 2 Samuel18:8 mean about the forest claiming more lives than the sword? 7.       Comments on Black Lives Matter. 8.       Who is the woman in Revelation 12:1? Some Protestants say it's Israel, others say it's Eve. I've heard Catholics say that it refers to Mary, but the next verse says that the woman suffered labor pains. 9.       Doesn't the Catechism say that Mary never suffered labor pains because s

06/09/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 9, 2020 1.       Do you know of any people that were Flat-Earthers who are not anymore due to your book or for any other reason? 2.       Did Our Lord on the Cross “take away our infirmities and diseases”? as Matthew 8:17 says? 3.       Can an extremely “orthodox” person have a lack of charity so as still to be in a spirit of disobedience? 4.       Should I be concerned about particles of the Eucharist on the floor at a Novus Ordo church as many traditionalists tell me? 5.       Do you believe in the Shroud of Turin? 6.       Was Christ crucified on the wrist or hands? If wrist, how come Saints had it on the hands? 7.       What is the Catholic teaching on western medicine? Are Catholics permitted to take tablets and painkillers like Tylenol to reduce pain? Or should Catholics instead bear with the pain and offer it up to God and unite it to the suffering of Christ on the cross? 8.       ​Should a wife always obey an abusive husband? When is she

06/03/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 3, 2020 1.       Does the geocentric model explain more accurately how solar eclipses occur? 2.       What are your thoughts on the Chinese Rites controversy in the 18th century concerning the compatibility of Confucianism (and veneration of non-Catholic ancestors) with Catholicism? 3.       Wouldn't someone on a different planet feel the effects of rotation? Or do we also experience the same effect because of the ether rotating around us? 4.       Why are only the moon, sun and stars mentioned in Genesis and not planets? How do the stars “fall from heaven”? What about the stars “fighting” in Joshua? 5.       ​If the devils will torture the damned (humans) in Hell forever, where is the suffering and torture of the devils and Satan? 6.       Can you rank the top 3 to 5 best English translated bibles you would recommend for daily reading and a comment on why you rank them that way? 7.       How does a Protestant and Catholics define the terms Fait

06/02/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 2, 2020 1.       Comments on the current riots. 2.       What does the Catholic Church teach about Hypnosis? 3.       What does the Catholic Church teach about Graphology (handwriting analysis)? 4.       Is one of Satan's names really Lucifer? 5.       Will people in Heaven wear clothes on their resurrected bodies? 6.       Since the Apostles were married or allowed to have wives, does this contradict clerical celibacy? 7.       Apostles' Creed: Why is Pontius Pilate mentioned so prominently in the Apostles' Creed? Why doesn't the Apostles' Creed mention any of Jesus’ actions on Earth between his birth and his suffering under Pilate? Are there any known controversies regarding these questions in the historical origin of the Apostles' Creed? 8.       What websites or scientific articles can I go to in order to show someone the scientific evidence that there were two Sister Lucias? 9.       ​Could you explain the si