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06/16/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 16, 2020

1.      Discussion about Archbishop Viganò.

2.      What do the secular scientists say about the Axis of Evil? Do they accept that it exists or do they attempt to explain it away somehow?

3.      What is the counsel of Balaam?

4.      What does it mean when the Bible says a woman is saved through childbearing?

5.      Do Catholics believe in salvation by grace alone?

6.      Someone said God was a Mother, not a Father. Have you heard of a crazy cult like this?

7.      Did you know Lucifericans are planning a march in many cities around the world on the June 21 solstice next Sunday, to bring in one world government and the New World Order? ​Also erecting statues of Baphomet in many cities in USA.

8.      How mad would you be if you're taken up to heaven, you look down, and see the Earth is flat and it's riding on the back of a space tortoise?

9.      Dr Sungenis, when you write these papers critiquing Tim Staples, J. Akin, R. Barron, or even Abp. Viganò, etc, do you send the papers directly to them?

10.  Have you looked into the claim that Ron Wyatt found Noah's Ark in Eastern Turkey? It’s called the Durupinar site. If you have, do you think it is the real thing?

11.  Could you recommend any history books that are objectively correct and do not have any anti-Catholic sentiments?

12.  Sometimes I think Adam ate the fruit from Eve because he loved her more than God and didn't want to be separated from her? What do you think?

13.  Is it ok to venerate Old Testament Saints? Even Adam and Eve since they brought death and original sin?

14.  You once said that what UFO’s were man-made; but do you think there are some cases where these type of sightings could be demonic or angelic in nature like in Exodus chapter 13 and 14?

15.  Can you explain Zion or Zionist? Why do people use this term?

16.  What are the main differences between Franciscan and Dominican theology?

17.  ​What are your thoughts on wearing the face mask to mass for covid-19? Should we be wearing a mask when we go to receive communion?

18.  ​What are your thoughts about communion in the hand versus on the tongue?

19.  Do you believe that the Prophet Elias and Enoch are still alive today waiting until the End of the World?

20.  What percentage of the scientific community espouses Geocentrism? Also what is your formal scientific background? Do you have degrees in Astrophysics?

21.  If I make donations via your website and leave a message, will you get that? Or does someone else manage that for you?

22.  ​Do you recommend St. Alphonsus' Moral Theology or is it too outdated?

23.  How does the counsel of Balkan relate to Our Blessed Lord’s words in Apocalypse 2:14?