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Robert Sungenis Explains the Catholic Mass and Worship and What Protestants Think Happened on the Cross

Robert focuses on the Sacrificial aspect of Holy Mass, that is, it is the means by which God the Father is appeased or propitiated, by seeing the once for all Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, perpetuated until the end of time. Robert also corrects the common misunderstanding that Jesus paid the full legal payment for our sins on the Cross; He did not. Jesus paid for the way or the opportunity for reconciliation with God the Father. After all, if Jesus paid the full legal payment for our sins, no one would ever go to Hell, since payment for sins cannot be paid for a second time if it was truly paid for the first time. Includes Q and A's.

03/17/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

March 17, 2021 1. The Catholic Doctrine of Marriage: Divorce & Remarriage (1-hour discussion) 2. If a Catholic woman was married in a civil court, can she remarry in the Catholic Church? 3. Why do people listen to “experts” rather than look at facts and decide for themselves? 4. What is the difference between the Petrine and Pauline privilege? 5. Can I receive communion if my spouse divorced me? 6. Do neo-cons war-monger against Russia because Russians are orthodox Christian? 7. Have you considered teaching at The Collegium? 8. Is my Catholic marriage invalid if my husband lied about being baptized as a Protestant? 9. Does the Church teach that the priest marries the Church? 10. Are the laws of physics the same in both rotating and inertial frames of reference? 11. Since annulments have skyrocketed since the 50’s, were things too strict before, or too lax now? 12. Are baptized Catholics fully Catholic prior to their confirmation? 13.

03/16/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

March 16, 2021 1. The Vatican’s Answer on Marriage and Civil Unions (40-minute discussion). 2. Is Antinous Epiphanius a type of antichrist similar to the future Anti-Christ? 3. What are your views of E. Michael Jones’ book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit? 4. How would I get permission to use the footnotes from your commentary in a paper? 5. Did Einstein marry his cousin and beat women as I have heard? 6. If we’re all descended from Adam & Eve, why are there different races? 7. Is it wrong for a child to bless their parents, since the father is the head of the household? 8. Has the Vatican’s announcement on civil unions put an end to the gay marriage debate? 9. Is it true that wives cannot lay hands on their husbands since they lack the authority? 10. Does the Vatican’s statement on civil unions mean the Pope is losing influence? 11. Is it a sin for women not to be veiled at church? 12. Was it a sin