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03/17/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

March 17, 2021
1. The Catholic Doctrine of Marriage: Divorce & Remarriage (1-hour discussion)
2. If a Catholic woman was married in a civil court, can she remarry in the Catholic Church?
3. Why do people listen to “experts” rather than look at facts and decide for themselves?
4. What is the difference between the Petrine and Pauline privilege?
5. Can I receive communion if my spouse divorced me?
6. Do neo-cons war-monger against Russia because Russians are orthodox Christian?
7. Have you considered teaching at The Collegium?
8. Is my Catholic marriage invalid if my husband lied about being baptized as a Protestant?
9. Does the Church teach that the priest marries the Church?
10. Are the laws of physics the same in both rotating and inertial frames of reference?
11. Since annulments have skyrocketed since the 50’s, were things too strict before, or too lax now?
12. Are baptized Catholics fully Catholic prior to their confirmation?
13. What are the grounds for an annulment?
14. What do you think about a Medjugorje rosary group?
15. How would the 100 years of Pope Leo IIIX’s vision fit with current events?
16. Is the process of annulment infallible?
17. Might the German synod end in schism since they appear to be ignoring the Vatican’s prohibition on blessing same-sex civil unions?
18. Was Luke’s gospel for the meek and lowly and Matthew’s for those with status?
19. Why does Jesus say in Matt. 19:9 that remarriage after a divorce constitutes adultery?
20. In Matt. 5:29 is Jesus telling the church to cast out members that are living in unrepentant sin?
21. Can I as a Catholic receive the sacraments if I married outside the Church and my husband doesn’t want to become Catholic and lied about being Catholic when we wed?
22. Is it OK to divorce if you find out that you are related to your spouse?
23. Are the “errors of Russia" communism, Freemasonry, Darwinism or atheism?
24. Are the “errors of Russia" connected to the Great Reset?
25. What if you commit a mortal sin but forget and don’t confess it and then die?
26. Did Jesus mean that divorce is valid if one spouse commits fornication?
27. How does one know if a marriage partner choice is pleasing to God?
28. Since one must know that a sin is sin to be guilty, if someone unknowingly marries a divorcee, is it sin?
29. What if the annulment tribunal were all liberals?
30. How can a married person commit fornication if fornication is only between unmarried people?
31. Is it true that you denied or questioned the Holocaust?
32. What to do if I learn my Catholic husband had not annulled his previous marriage?
33. Does lack of form, matter or intent invalidate a sacrament such as marriage?
34. Comments on the Church giving out annulments like candy.
35. Is a de-facto relationship a marriage, or does it require vows, witnesses and a priest?
36. Are all my past sins that I can’t remember forgiven during confession?
37. Has the Church changed its teaching on marriage?
38. Why does 1 Chron. 7:29 use “daughters” for villages?
39. Is fornication a form of idolatry?
40. Is it biblical that we have to pay for annulments?
41. Comments on what “for better or for worse” means.