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COVID-19 and the Left

It's not often that I step into the social crises confronting the secular world, but the COVID-19 crisis has become a dire exception. I have never seen such blatant manipulation of scientific data as I have seen with COVID. While feigning help to Americans by insisting we wear masks and social distance (which even some of their own experts admit doesn't really have the ability to mitigate COVID to any substantial degree, which then promoted Dr. Fouci, just yesterday, to say we should all wear goggles instead of masks), they impugn the use of a simple drug, hydroxychloroquine, that has proven to be an effective remedy to COVID, at least in the early stages when someone discovers he has been infected, and certainly as a preventive measure to stop the COVID virus from doing any harm at all. Instead, they accuse long-time medical professionals who recommend hydroxychloroquine as being quacks and charlatans, even though taking this well-established drug, that has had a grea

Rebuttal to Dr. Michael S. Horton on: "Is Justification by Faith Alone?"

It amazes me that Protestants, the very ones who claim to go by Scripture alone, continue to this day to use a non-biblical phrase ("faith alone") to describe how one is justified. In fact, Scripture goes out of its way to avoid using "faith alone" in reference to justification. For example, St. Paul used the word "faith" and its derivatives over 200 times; and the words "alone" or "only" a few dozen times. Some of the appearances of "alone" or "only" occur right in the very contexts that address the subject of Justification (Romans 3:29; 4:12; 4:16; 4:23; Galatians 2:10; 3:2; 4:18; 5:13). Yet in not one instance did St. Paul feel compelled to combine the two words to specify how Justification was procured. What would have kept him from using such an all-telling, all-important, phrase, if, indeed, the concept of "faith alone" was on the forefront of his mind? A haunting question, indeed, for anyone of Dr.

A Chat with Robert Sungenis - On Justification, Scripture, the Papacy and his Conversion

A video recording at a Maryland television station of Robert being interviewed by Mark Masters on four topics: Justification, Scripture, the Papacy and his conversion to the Catholic faith. Catholic Apologetics International

What Have They Done With God's Word?

LECTURE: What Have They Done With God's Word? Robert Sungenis, Ph.D. A live video recording of Robert’s speech at the International Conference on Biblical Inerrancy. Learn why there are so many problems in the Church today. It all starts with a dilution of Scripture’s authority. Your eyes will be opened.

Robert Sungenis Responds to Todd Friel Video Titled "Sorry Catholics, but James teaches faith alone!" from Nov 26, 2019

Watch and listen to full episodes of Wretched Radio & TV for FREE: Follow Wretched: Facebook: Twitter:   Instagram:   Follow Todd Friel: Twitter: Watch Robert Sungenis' Response on his 6/30/20 Robert Sungenis Live Program Here   (starts at 6:59)

Debate: Is Purgatory Biblical? James R. White vs Robert Sungenis (Oct 21, 2010)

2010 James White and Robert Sungenis debate Purgatory in Newburg, OR

Knights of Columbus Discusses: Robert Sungenis "Geocentrisim" (Aug 31, 2017)

Two-part series running on NH cable access TV - this video has been uploaded to the TelVue cable access distribution server. You can get this broadcasted on your local cable access or community TV system. Contact us so we can help.

Sensus Fidelium Interview: Robert Sungenis on the Book of the Apocalypse/Revelation (Jun 29, 2016)

Ryan is joined again by Robert Sungenis (Interview 12) of Catholic Apologetics International to shift gears from where his recent work has been back to Biblical scholarship. Today we will be looking at an overview of the Book of the Apocalypse, the last book in the Bible, and explore its symbolism, its order and plan, who is Antichrist and what does 666 mean? for more interviews

The Apocalypse of St. John - Dr. Robert Sungenis (2009)

Spiritual Strength Catholic Interview: Robert Sungenis on Consecration of Russia, Geocentrism, and Vaccines (Jun 22, 2020)

Meeting of the MindZ 33:43 - the earth is not moving 56:43 - thoughts opposing vaccines For more info from Robert Sungenis:  Einstein: the closet Geocentrist

Church Militant - Michael Voris Interview: Mic'd Up "The Principle, Under Attack" (May 30, 2014) The Principle has become "the most reviewed movie never to be seen by its reviewers" in the history of films. The sad part is, every review been filled with lies, accusations and insinuations. The producers of 'The Principle', Rick DeLano and Bob Sungenis, will be defending themselves against these lies. {CHURCHMILITANT.TV}

The Galileo Affair & the Copernican Principle (Sep 15, 2018) The website   Patreon account to support us monthly -   Paypal is

Sensus Fidelium Interview: Debunking the Flat Earth Movement ~ Dr Robert Sungenis (Sep 15, 2018)

His website on this topic  The website   Patreon account to support us monthly -   Paypal is

Flat Earth Flat Wrong (Jul 18, 2018)

Replay of the LIVE Broadcast featuring “The Principle” Executive Producer Robert Sungenis, as he debuts his new book “Flat Earth- Flat Wrong”. Dr. Sungenis’ exhaustive, 736 page treatise on the entire Flat Earth phenomenon is sure to become the gold standard in examining the “movement” in all of its religious, scientific, and cultural aspects. More info on the book can be found here

Reason and Theology Interview: Robert Sungenis on Geocentrism and The Principle (April 30, 2020)

April 30, 2020 Robert Sungenis on Geocentrism and his movie The Principle. For more information about The Principle, visit: For Bob's website, visit: ___________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: Any view expressed by a host, contributor or guest is not necessarily reflective of the views of other hosts, contributors or guests. Subscribe: Become a Patron: Donate: Podcast: or Visit: for more information

"Mary: Sinless Queen of Heaven or Sinner Saved by Grace?" Robert Sungenis vs. Tony Costa (Jan 19, 2017)

What is the place of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ in Christian thought? Catholics and Protestants give different answers to this question. In "Mary: Queen of Heaven or Sinner Saved by Grace?" Dr. Robert Sungenis (Catholic Apologetics International Publishing) and Dr. Tony Costa (Toronto Baptist Seminary) debate the issue. The debate was put together by Chris Arnzen ("Iron Sharpens Iron") and moderated by Anthony Uvenio (New York Apologetics). Webites:

Skiba vs Sungenis - The Complete Biblical (Flat Earth) Cosmology Debate (Dec 20, 2018)

Rob Skiba vs Robert Sungenis November 15, 2018 at the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado

Dennis von Katholische Antworten Interview: GEOCENTRISM is RIGHT 🌞🌍 German INTERVIEWS Robert Sungenis (May 24, 2020)

Streamed 6/24/2020 German interviewing Robert Sungenis about the whole topic of Geocentrism vs. Heliocentrism, Einstein vs. Newton and the Catholic Church vs. Galileo. How can the whole modern science community be wrong? Is it only a conspiracy theory like the flat earth movement? What does the bible have to say about this paradigm shift? ► The Principle Movie: ► Another Geocentrist Website: ► Journey to the Center of the Universe: ► Robert Sungenis Website: ► Robert Sungenis YouTube: $$$ If you want to support Robert Sungenis and his work, you might wanna donate him some Bitcoin (BTC): 3DoKUFG5R2jGQhkBqTDs1LwVSW75rFea91 ₿₿₿ 0:18 Short introduction into the topic 2:29 Short apology for geocentrism with modern science 09:22 How can the whole scientific community be in fixed on heliocentrism? 24:35 One clear example fr

Sam Shamoun aka shamounian Interview: Dr. Robert Sungenis and the Roman Catholic View of Scripture (Jul 6, 2020)

Dr. Robert Sungenis is a leading Roman Catholic scholar and apologist who will share the Roman Catholic view of Scripture and why Catholics reject Sola Scriptura. Streamed live 7/6/2020

07/08/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

July 8, 2020 1.       Why did James and John ask who would sit at Jesus’ right and left after He had already made Peter the leader? 2.       What do you think about the idea that Moses got the inspiration for the Ten Commandments by copying text and commandments from the Egyptian Book of the Dead? 3.       What do you think about the King-James-Bible-only belief? 4.       How do you keep such a peaceful state of mind when you see all the problems in our society and the Church? 5.       Can you explain why the ether drift varies every day? 6.       What is your opinion of the Gap Theory? 7.        Is the 1st Amendment compatible with traditional Catholic teaching? 8.       Can we still be good Catholics even if we disagree with some of the decisions made by the Pope? 9.        Is drinking a good coping mechanism? 10.   Kent Hovind says the King James Bible is based on better text. What do you think? 11.   How do you account for the phas

07/07/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

July 7, 2020 1.       What do you think of Mother Angelica? 2.       Could you please elaborate on why you keep referring to the biblical people as The Jews? 3.       What do you know about the claims in the protoevangelium of James that St. Joseph actually had children from another marriage before being wedded to the Virgin Mary? 4.       In the genealogies of Genesis 5-11, are there gaps that can span many generations? 5.       What’s your prayer routine like? Do you practice Lectio Divina and contemplative prayer? 6.       Were you aware that Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right is on Amazon for $588.84? 7.       Is it true that I should not go to a Catholic family member’s wedding if they marry a Protestant in a Protestant church? 8.       Can you give me any advice to help me stop worrying? 9.       What should Catholics make of The All Seeing Eye symbol? 10.   Do you have a favorite Japanese cartoon? 11.   Can you give a brief ti

07/01/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

July 1, 2020 1.       Do you recognize the General Theory of Relativity at all? 2.       Can you talk about Pope John Paul II’s kissing of the Koran? 3.       Information about the on-line bible studies. 4.       How should one read and understand Denzinger? 5.       Comments regarding Lawrence Krause’s quotes. 6.       Comments on Triple Aspersion. 7.       Why would NASA fake the Earth Rise photo? 8.       Can you give me some advice regarding my sister-in-law who is a baptized Catholic but doesn't practice the Faith and is going to marry a Protestant in a Protestant church? 9.       What is a freemason? 10.   How do we respond to Protestants that say that we don't need an infallible Church to tell us what the canon of scripture is, because the Jews didn’t have an infallible Church in the Old Testament? 11.   Have you heard Michio Kaku talking about string theory, anti-matter, particle accelerators and the theory of everything?