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07/08/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

July 8, 2020

1.      Why did James and John ask who would sit at Jesus’ right and left after He had already made Peter the leader?

2.      What do you think about the idea that Moses got the inspiration for the Ten Commandments by copying text and commandments from the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

3.      What do you think about the King-James-Bible-only belief?

4.      How do you keep such a peaceful state of mind when you see all the problems in our society and the Church?

5.      Can you explain why the ether drift varies every day?

6.      What is your opinion of the Gap Theory?

7.       Is the 1st Amendment compatible with traditional Catholic teaching?

8.      Can we still be good Catholics even if we disagree with some of the decisions made by the Pope?

9.      Is drinking a good coping mechanism?

10.  Kent Hovind says the King James Bible is based on better text. What do you think?

11.  How do you account for the phases of the moon in the geocentric model?

12.  Can you give us a website that has a full explanation of the geocentric model?

13.  Do you know the work of the Brazilian philosopher Alain de Carvajal?

14.  What do think of Tycho Brahe’s argument which says that if the Earth moved then the comets would also display retrograde motion just like planets do?

15.  Did they approve your PhD thesis?

16.  Why doesn’t the Church have more spiritual directors?

17.  What is the difference between Catholic and Christian?

18.  Where can we learn about the dynamics of the geocentric system?

19.  Do you see Christianity loosing influence in the West?

20.  Who do you see as the most influential political group today for better or worse?

21.  When were Christians first called Catholics?

22.  Have you tried to debate an Orthodox?

23.  Does the Moon reflect the Sun’s light, or does it have its own light source?

24.  Is there anything about the Moon that is mysterious to you?

25.  Do you have an opinion on the work of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira and the TFP?

26.  Did you only do one radio show with Rob Skiba? Were there any behind-the-scenes events after the debate? Do you still keep in contact?

27.  Does the human soul have any weight to it? Where in the body is it found? Can souls ever been seen leaving the body? And does it look like the body?

28.  Did you ever follow up on sending Kent Hovind your books on Faith Alone and Scripture Alone?

29.  What is the origin of Ash Wednesday?

30.  What is a husband to do with a disobedient wife? Will God judge a man more harshly for having a disobedient wife?

31.  Since we aren't supposed to attend a wedding outside of the church, does that mean that marriages outside the church are invalid?

32.  Could you please explain the baptisms John the Baptist did before he baptized Jesus with the Holy Spirit?

33.  Can we get audio books of “Not By Faith/Scripture/Bread Alone”?

34.  What are your thoughts on Hebrews 6:4-6 (losing your salvation)?

35.  Which is better, The Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

36.  Do most 'normal' scientists really believe that things like dark matter, curved space, etc. exist, or are they waiting for some breakthrough to eliminate the need for them?

37.  What did the Father’s believe about Purgatory? Did they all believe in it? Did their opinions differ on what it is?

38.  How tall was Goliath?

39.  How did the sacrament of confession come about? Why do Protestants not believe in it?

40.  What do you think about my friend who thinks her dead husband is directing a butterfly to fly around her garden to let her know he is alright?

41.  How accurate are the traditional stories of Christmas (manger, Magi, Star, etc.)?

42.  What do you know about the illumination of conscience?

43.  What do you think about The Divine Mercy chaplet?

44.  What advice do you have for explaining creation views to my skeptical friends?

45.  What is your opinion of the Douay-Rheims bible?

46.  Do you have any comments about your debate with Matt Slick?

47.  What is the role of the Bishop in practice and in theory in modern American Catholicism, in reference to Bishop Barron saying that it’s the role of the laity to combat statue destroyers?

48.  Comments on the US Bishops’ refusal to lead.

49.  Comments on Ghislaine Maxwell.

50.  Do you believe in the fewness of the saved?

51.  What is the fate of miscarriage and stillborn babies? Will the Catholicity of the parents influence their fate?

52.  Where can I buy one of your Flash Drives?

53.  Was the Assumption of Mary taught by the apostolic fathers? If not, how did it develop? Was it a development from the teaching of Mary as the New Ark of the Covenant or some other teaching?

54.  Where can I find your explanation of why satellites launched to the east use less fuel than when launched westward?

55.  How would we get a letter to you?

56.  What is your personal preference on attending the TLM? Indult? FSSP? SSPX? Why?

57.  What are your thoughts on Bishop Williamson?

58.  What should I say when Seventh Day Adventists approach me?

59.  Are we culpable for abortion when we shop from businesses that contribute to Planned Parenthood?

60.  Can a Catholic be a supporter of Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden? Joe Biden calls himself a Catholic but supports Planned Parenthood.