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07/07/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

July 7, 2020

1.      What do you think of Mother Angelica?

2.      Could you please elaborate on why you keep referring to the biblical people as The Jews?

3.      What do you know about the claims in the protoevangelium of James that St. Joseph actually had children from another marriage before being wedded to the Virgin Mary?

4.      In the genealogies of Genesis 5-11, are there gaps that can span many generations?

5.      What’s your prayer routine like? Do you practice Lectio Divina and contemplative prayer?

6.      Were you aware that Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right is on Amazon for $588.84?

7.      Is it true that I should not go to a Catholic family member’s wedding if they marry a Protestant in a Protestant church?

8.      Can you give me any advice to help me stop worrying?

9.      What should Catholics make of The All Seeing Eye symbol?

10.  Do you have a favorite Japanese cartoon?

11.  Can you give a brief timeline of your journey into geocentrism?

12.  How do I respond to a Protestant who tells me I need to be re-baptized because I’m Catholic, and says that babies aren’t in faith?

13.  Where in the Bible will I find passages that say that socialism and communism are the incorrect way to be governed?

14.  How would you answer the objection against the Papacy that there was not a singular bishop of Rome until about 150 AD?

15.  Is Matthew 28:1 a good argument in support of Sunday worship? Because it mentions two Sabbaths, the other being Mia Ton Sabbaton.

16.  What do you think of the Nephilim, since angelic beings can’t procreate?

17.  How do you explain 1 John 5:1? At first glance it seems to mean the regeneration; but this can only happen at baptism.

18.  If Trump made you head of NASA and gave you all the funds needed to do any experiment to prove geocentrism … what would you do?

19.  What is your disagreement with Fr. Robinson’s Realists Guide to Science and Religion?

20.  So you have an opinion on the physical location of Hell? Is it in the center of the earth?

21.  What are your thoughts on Katherine Emrick saying Hell is a planet obscured by the Earth?

22.  Have you ever considered debating Fr. Robert Spitzer on evolution?

23.  Can you give your opinion of servile work on Sundays, such as tidying up?

24.  How do we argue against atheists, archeologists and historians who say that Old Testament Judaism was influenced into existence by the teachings of Zoroastrianism?