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  Robert Sungenis, Ph.D. Founder, President Robert Sungenis is an international author, lecturer, debater, producer, and founder of Catholic Apologetics International Publishing, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to teaching and defending the Catholic faith.  He holds advanced degrees in Theology and Religious Studies, from George Washington University; Westminster Theological Seminary; and Calamus International University. He was the chairman of Stellar Motion Pictures, LLC in West Hollywood, California, which produced movies for scientific and religious audiences. He is the creator, executive producer and actor in the movie, The Principle, which appeared in AMC and Regal Cinemas in October 2014 through April 2015. Robert is also the executive producer, writer and director of the movie, Journey to the Center of the Universe, which was released on DVD in September 2015. See Robert’s IMDB page at the IMDB website. Robert is presently working on two new movies, the first