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08/07/19 DR. ROBERT SUNGENIS TONITE! : Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, heliocentrism, geocentrism, Dr. James White's interpretation of Hebrews 10:29, Special Relativity, Hebrews 3:14, Fr Georges Lemaître

Introduction Intro to the Exegetical Commentary Project Rob Mullane · 9:51 My question how could a global conspiracy go on. Diplomatically with space treaties. Ambitious countries. How could a international mindset agree to such a global obstacle. Knowing they would have to know. I believe you. I believe your science. How could a fallacy like this remain. True top engineers say in the space industry. Like Ron Hatch have come around about relativity. Taking a plane in one direction. The time is about the same in the other. They say that's because the atmosphere travels with the rotation. If that's true why doesn't the rotation kick in with travel time. The first sentence is the question. Renée Marie · 13:33 Hi Robert. Kindly post the links of your youtube channel, youtube posts A question about latest images of black holes. Andrew Attar · 16:39 The enemies of the faith fully understand what's at stake. Charlie Salcedo · 18:33 A holy fear of God is good Charlie