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Does God Have Emotions Round Table with Dr. Robert Sungenis (Reason & Theology, 2/8/21)

Does God Have Emotions with Dr. Robert Sungenis Dr. Robert Sungenis, Dr. Matthew Minerd, William Albrecht, Erick Ybarra and Michael Lofton engage in a round table discussion on whether God has emotions.

QA - Isaiah 7, whether the translation should be young woman or virgin

Good morning, I hope this email finds you well. I asked a question on the live stream yesterday which Dr. Sungenis kindly answered about Isaiah 7 and whether the translation should be young woman or virgin Dr. Sungenis said to check out a 50 page article on the website from the past 6 months that references various prophecies with a Jewish and Catholic interpretation. I've been unable to find it unfortunately and was wondering whether you could provide a copy or a link? Ad Iesum per Mariam, Paul Paul, You can find that article at The part you are interested in starts at page 23. I hope it is sufficient for your needs. Robert Sungenis

A Tale of Two Earths: Dr. Rob Sungenis and Allegedly Dave (The NonSequitur Show, 2018)

The Universe Revolves Around The Earth...Robert Sungenis and Dave Palm (The NonSequitur Show, 2018)

Rebuttal to Cardinal Schönborn on His Essay “He Created Each Thing According to Its Kind” by Robert Sungenis

Third catechesis by Christoph Cardinal Schönborn on December 4, 2005 in the cathedral of St. Stephan in Vienna. Translated by Prof. John F. Crosby. Schönborn: In the second catechesis we dealt in general with our faith in God as creator: "In the beginning God created heaven and earth." According to this faith, all that exists owes its being to the sovereign act of the creator, who does not have to create. We profess this in the Creed when we profess our belief in the one God, the Father and Creator of heaven and earth. But things get more difficult as soon as we try to approach the matter more closely and ask what all of this means concretely. According to Genesis 1, the first chapter of the Bible, God created everything "according to its kind." Does this mean that God performed for each kind a distinct act of creating? This was the belief for centuries, into the 18th and 19th century: the different kinds are unchangeable and each is created separately by God. The

A Response to James White's Comments on Jesus, Peter and the Keys

A Response to James White's Comments on  Jesus, Peter and the Keys by Robert Sungenis Well, we've got to hand it to Mr. White. I really don't know where he finds the time to sit down and write all his rebuttals to Catholic apologists, but it is apparent that he somehow manages. We can safely conclude from observing his Web page that Mr. White is on a crusade. Clearly out-numbered by Catholic apologists who have taken the pen-sword in hand to challenge their Protestant brethren, White feels it his personal responsibility to slay the giant behemoth of the Catholic Church, especially those nasty new converts who are just popping up everywhere. But take heart, dear Catholic friend, God allows the Mr. White's of the world to continue in their crusades because they actually do us more good than harm. For every clever argument that is raised by the Mr. White's, God is giving us a chance to sharpen our swords. Yes, we will answer every minutia of argumentation they bring fo