Does God Have Emotions Round Table with Dr. Robert Sungenis (Reason & Theology, 2/8/21)

Does God Have Emotions with Dr. Robert Sungenis Dr. Robert Sungenis, Dr. Matthew Minerd, William Albrecht, Erick Ybarra and Michael Lofton engage in a round table discussion on whether God has emotions.


  1. L.+J.+C. I appreciate dr. Sungenises attitude about the importance of Holy Scripture. The flow of discussion shows that it is not at all easy to certain attitude, to the representativ of thomism , to accept the inerrancy of the HS. That is strange thing to say, and see in discussion. Dr. Robert had exposed something important.

  2. I just want to mention how impressed I am with the eloquence and academic fortitude in handling this subject. I hope to read the book at some point in the near future, provided that I can get through all of your other valuable resources. Thanks for this.


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