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2/9/22 - Robert Sungenis Live

February 9, 2022 1. Pope Francis said apostates, persecutors, and blasphemers are part of the “communion of saints”. Was this material heresy? A man then called him out by yelling at him. Was the man justified? 2. Does the Pauline privilege require a dispensation from the diocese prior to a Catholic marriage & do you know what the process entails? 3. What is the lesson we can learn from the Sacrifice that Jephthah made in the book of judges, because isn't God against child sacrifice? 4. What precise physical change to the earth at the Fall of Man do you think caused the earth to be cursed and no longer produce crops without labor and toil? 5. Father John Hardon said: “The moral law doesn’t change because God is unchangeable”. How does your thesis of a changeable God relate to the above statement? Isn’t moral innovation dangerous? 6. What is your opinion on SSPX Marian Corps out of Kentucky and Bishop Joseph Phieffer? Are their sacraments valid? 7.

2/2/22 - Robert Sungenis Live

Robert Sungenis LIVE! Ask Your Questions Index of Topics and Questions for February 2, 2022 1. Sister Lucia’s identity, Fatima’s fulfillment and the Mazza debate. (20 minute discussion). 2. Why do Freemasons keep their ritual secret? Who is at the very top? Why do many scientists choose to become members? 3. If an improper Baptism is done, what is the state of the person’s soul before God? 4. Given that penal substitution is wrong for various reasons, how do we explain Gal 3:13 where Christ is a “curse”? 5. If God changes his mind, couldn’t the OT passages just be a type of the change God undergoes after the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus on the cross? 6. Aside from any Catholic angle, do you think the American Revolution against Britain was justified and that George Washington should be honored as he is? 7. If the Sun and outer planets are moving so fast around the Earth, why isn't this detected in timestamps of radio signals from distant probe