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2/9/22 - Robert Sungenis Live

February 9, 2022
1. Pope Francis said apostates, persecutors, and blasphemers are part of the “communion of saints”. Was this material heresy? A man then called him out by yelling at him. Was the man justified?
2. Does the Pauline privilege require a dispensation from the diocese prior to a Catholic marriage & do you know what the process entails?
3. What is the lesson we can learn from the Sacrifice that Jephthah made in the book of judges, because isn't God against child sacrifice?
4. What precise physical change to the earth at the Fall of Man do you think caused the earth to be cursed and no longer produce crops without labor and toil?
5. Father John Hardon said: “The moral law doesn’t change because God is unchangeable”. How does your thesis of a changeable God relate to the above statement? Isn’t moral innovation dangerous?
6. What is your opinion on SSPX Marian Corps out of Kentucky and Bishop Joseph Phieffer? Are their sacraments valid?
7. Can a demon fall in love with a woman like in the book of Tobit?
8. If a wife deprives the husband from the conjugal right, is that sinful on her part?
9. Must we assent to Pope Francis’ exhortation to stop proselytizing?
10. Can you get an Imprimatur and Nihil obstat for your commentary from a different priest or bishop?
11. Why was Saul selected as the first king when it was already ordained by Jacob that the house of Judah was to be the first among the tribes?
12. What is the orbital speed of the sun around the earth in the geocentric model?
13. Is it true that footnote 351 of Amoris Letitia allows for Communion to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics?
14. Why don’t you apply the same valiant effort to defending the TLM as you do to the issues of the Galileo affair, women’s head coverings and the dubious canonizations by JPII?
15. Is the only way to interpret imprecatory prayers in the Psalms to put them into the context of David in his struggle against Saul and Absalom (i.e. pray the persecution, end but still love)?
16. Do you think liberalism will die out with the aging boomers and that the young clergy will save us from this crisis?
17. What do you think about the divine council view from Dr Heiser?
18. What’s your take on the Canadian Truckers’ peaceful demonstrations?
19. Is or is not the Old Covenant in effect?
20. A priest wouldn’t hear my confession because I was married outside the Church. Is asking marital state before hearing confession standard practice?
21. Which are closer to Christianity: Muslims or Jews?
22. Are you really debating Kelly Powers soon?
23. Was Abraham saved through justification but awaiting the gift of eternal life (baptism, regeneration of his soul, etc.) in order to receive the in dwelling of the Holy Trinity?
24. Can you explain Prov. 8:22-23? Is it referring to Mary?
25. What is your view of the Good News Translation and the Catholic Children’s Bible?
26. If Supersessionism is false then how can the Church not be contradicting its own dogma EENS when a Catholic apostatizes the Faith to convert to Judaism?
27. Who is the most likely candidate in your opinion for the Pharaoh of Egypt during the Exodus?
28. Is it true that during Vatican II Pope Benedict (Ratzinger at the time) was one of the main architects and theologians behind the push towards the church of Synodality?
29. Do you think that the idea that the Earth is the center of the universe is completely gone from the Church?
30. If Catholics believe we must confess mortal sins, and if we don’t before dying we can’t go to heaven, then how can Protestants be saved if they don’t?
31. Can you explain the use of “mutual submission” for husband and wife in the bible, and is that term misused by modern people?