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  1. I think going to mass is infinitely more value than taking a walk in the woods because
    it makes you feel good and close to God. Protestants go on their feelings and emotions
    that's why they have loud music and shouting to get them excited, it's nonsense. To worship Jesus at mass being offered up to the Father and then receive Him in Holy Communion is the greatest gift He gave us. I think you're too friendly with protestants, that's the problem with EWTN Network which I no longer watch.

  2. Hi Robert. Your comments on Vatican 2. You said the Pope Benedict said this was all about Galileo. Do you really expect a person to believe that. Also your comment on the East West Schism and the filoque,and how that issue is so simple, do you expect us to believe that too.

  3. Illumination of Consciences and Fr. Michel Rodrigue. Are they legitimate?

  4. Do you know about the axis of evil (cosmogony) that proves using cosmic background radiation that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE revolves around the plane of the ecliptic of Earth as it revolves around Sol?

    Are you familiar with Boltzman Brains? Right there is mathematically backed proof that a being can come into existence simply via the random interactions of matter? When people tell me that someone had to have "created God" I cite this...

    Why is information about this being suppressed? Because there is a literal wat against God being fought by a Luciferian Cult of Baal worship with the Freemasons being a major player in this game.

    They worship Lucifer in secret whose real name is Azazel. The leader of the fallen Watcher angels in the Book of Enoch.

    I would like to speak to you regarding a situation the Masons put me through last year that proved to me all of this is real.

    Contact mysterybabylon4@gmail.com




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