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December 2004 - QA

Q & A December 2004 Question 53- Can the Pope lose his office? Part II Question 52- Canonical Status of SSPX Question 51- The Seventh Mansion Question 50- Can the Pope lose his office? Question 49- The Greek present tense of 1 John 1:7 Question 48- Who is Neuchanezzer of Judith 1:4 Question 47- Discussion on Evolution and Genesis 4 Question 46- Hahn -- A Hypothesis Question 45- Concordance? Question 44- Evolution Question 43- What is meant by the Serpent "crawling on its belly" in Genesis 3:14? Question 42- Proving the earth is heliocentric, using the Bible Question 41- Gehenna Question 40- Question regarding God's omniscience, Part III Question 39- Book of Judith: Was Nebuchadnezzer King of Assyria? Question 38- Baptism of Desire Question 37- St. Nilus Prophecy Question 36- Laying On Of Hands Question 35- Pope John Paul II -- What are the Positives? Pt II Question 34- Is the Church Too Rich? Question 33- Fr. Gruner vs. Rick S