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Russia Has Been Consecrated - Sungenis Defends His Thesis (The Meaning of Catholic)

NEW BOOK: Keys Over the Christian World


How Can I Be Saved? Not By Faith Alone (On Sola Scriptura) - Interview by Sam Shamoun

On the SSPX - FBI — Catholi–Schism (Church Militant, Michael Voris)

We thoroughly endorse Michael Voris' assessment of the SSPX that he has presented in this video. -Robert Sungenis

Dr Robert Sungenis - Geocentrism Geocentric Cosmology (Live Mike Sessions)

Dr. Robert Sungenis AMA on Politics & Religion Discord (Politics & Religion Discord, Oct 16, 2021)

10/13/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

October 13, 2021 1. Are we “Chosen but Free” as Norman Geisler’s book title suggests? (1 hour and 15 min. discussion). 2. Is “conscience euthanasia” ok? 3. When the crowd told Jesus “blessed is your mother” why did he respond with “blessed rather are those who hear the word of God”? 4. How can you enjoy heaven forever when your loved one went to hell? 5. Would it be correct to say our initial salvation is by faith alone but our progressive justification is by faith and works? 6. Why was there darkness (Gen 1:2) prior to the Fall if darkness bad? 7. Wouldn’t the Earth have been rather formless and chaotic on Day 1 without gravity (which would not have been created until Day 2 via the firmament)? 8. What exactly is the Abomination of Desolation? Is it an event? A person? 9. How do we know for sure the true author and dates of biblical books? 10. Are all angels male? 11. Why is Deuel in Num. 1:14, but Reuel in Num. 2:14. Is this a scribe error? 12. What is

Does God Change His Mind? Does God Have Emotions? Robert Sungenis vs Jimmy Akin

10/06/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

October 6, 2021 1. Comments on Pope Francis’ statement about the pedophile scandal (30 minute discussion). 2. Were the Deuterocanonical books always in the canon and always of equal status? 3. Do you think the pre-Vatican II church was too cut off from the world? 4. Why was darkness created before the Fall? Isn’t darkness bad? 5. How are Jesus and Mary portrayed in the Quran? 6. Why does Genesis 2 have Adam being created after the 7th day? 7. Is praying to the Saints found in the bible? 8. In Luke 19:27 does Jesus mean we are to kill those who don’t follow Jesus? 9. What is the basis of the teaching that the Church is infallible? 10. How can the German bishops not be in schism after proposing that the priesthood is not needed? 11. Could Daniel 12:11 refer to the abolishing of the Eucharist sacrifice of the Mass? 12. How many heavens are there? 13. Why does Daniel 12:11 say 1,290 days, whereas Daniel 12:12 says 1,335 days? 14. Should w

The Principle Movie - Interviews by Church Militant

 The Vortex - Jan 7, 2014 Mic'd Up "The Principle, Under Attack" - May 30, 2014

Canadian Catholic - In Conversation W/ Robert Sungenis

The Meaning of Catholic - Fatima Fulfilled but Still Foreboding with Dr. Robert Sungenis

Suzanne Pearson and Dr. Robert Sungenis Debate the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart!

Suzanne Pearson and Dr. Robert Sungenis Debate the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart! Download Full MP3 FREE

A Critique of Wolfgang Smith's 'Vertical Causation'

Vertical Causation and Wholeness 25 March 2020 Philosophy of Physics, Vertical Causality, Wholeness By Wolfgang Smith Critiqued by Robert Sungenis Dr. Smith: Vertical causality made its appearance in the context of the measuring problem in quantum mechanics, where it could be identified by the fact that it acts “instantaneously.”1 Whereas the previously known modes of causation — subsequently referred to as “horizontal” — operate in time by way of a transmission through space, vertical causality operates directly, without the mediation of any such process. That “instantaneity” or lack of process came thus to be taken, in effect, as the defining characteristic of vertical causality. But whereas this criterion may serve to identify VC, it does not tell us whence it acts and what it effects. It is time, now, to broach these deeper questions: time to delve into the metaphysics of VC, in the hope that this may shed light as well upon questions of scientific significance. I begin, then, wit

07/30/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

July 7, 2021 1. Why haven’t you debated Lawrence Krauss or Neil DeGrasse Tyson on geocentrism? 2. Do you think the new MRNA vaccines are moral? 3. Which geocentric model do you subscribe to and how does it work? 4. Critique of Br. Casey Cole’s YouTube video. 5. Why would the Communion portion of a Latin Mass webcast be blocked out? 6. Was Jesus Christ the last prophet that could speak in the Name of the LORD? 7. Where the Jesuits as liberal in the time of St. Ignatius as they are now? 8. Who do you think might be the successor of Pope Francis? 9. Would you consider writing a book on Darwinian Evolution? 10. Will the Anti-Christ know he is the Anti-Christ of the End Times? 11. Was there animal death before the Fall such that only man was immortal? 12. How do Catholics approach the death penalty in light of Fratelli Tutti? 13. Are we really "looking into the past" when we look up at the cosmos? 14. Why do we no longer hear of

Geo-Centrism Conference 2021


Sungenis Versus Faulkner on Geocentrism

Response to Danny Faulkner From Robert Sungenis ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐history‐background/ Geocentrism: History and Background by Dr. Danny R. Faulkner on August 29, 2020 ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ D. Faulkner: Introduction to Geocentrism: Most people today believe the heliocentric theory, that the earth is one of eight planets orbiting the sun. This has been the dominant cosmology for four centuries. However, there has been a geocentric movement among biblical creationists dating back at least to the 1980s. R. Sungenis: Actually it dates back to the 1960s, along with the creationist movement. For the Christian evangelicals, Henry Morris started the creationist movement with his book The Genesis Flood. The geocentric movement was started by Walter van der Kamp in his periodical, “Bulletin of the Tychonian Society” around 1967. After Walter died in 1988, Gerhardus Bouw took over the peri

Sungenis Versus the Fatima Center

Response to Eric Bermingham/Fatima Center From Robert Sungenis on Fatima Not Yet Fulfilled and Still Foreboding by Eric Bermingham   E. Bermingham: A Book We Do Not Recommend After years of being an advocate of the Fatima movement and expecting the Pope to properly consecrate Russia, thereby procuring its conversion and a period of peace for the world, Robert Sungenis has now become convinced that the Consecration has been done, Russia has been converted, and we have already had the period of peace. R. Sungenis: One of the methods to deal with an opponent is to attempt to curtail the audience from reading his evidence. Rather than have you read it and come to your own conclusion, Eric’s first line of attack is to convince you that he will be your best guide and you need not venture any further. I’ve debated long enough to know that when someone uses this methodology he’s afraid that his opponent’s arguments have some weight t


Joe,   The Greek of Luke 1:28 is kecaritwmevnh , which is transliterated kecharitomene. It is a Greek perfect,  passive, participle, literally meaning “having been graced,” which is from the active indicative verb,  caritovw , which means “to grace, to favor, to exalt.” The Greek ejcarivtwsen (the indicative, active,  aorist), which means “he graced us,” is used in Ephesians 1:6, and there it refers to our salvation, so we  know that the verb has a New Testament precedent for being used in a verbal form which refers to the  presence of grace in the individual. The LXX at Ecclesiasticus 18:17 ( ajndri; kecharitwomevnw/ ) uses the  exact morphology of Luke 1:28 in the dative case but only the adjectival sense (a “gracious man”). Other  derivatives in the LXX appear in 2Macc 3:33 (the deponent verb, kecavristai , which means “to grant,  give, deal graciously with, forgive, pardon”); and 4Macc 5:8 (the same deponent form as in 2Macc 3:33  but in a perfect, middle, participle, kecarismevnhV

Why the Earth Isn't Flat!


From the Archives: Issues on Soteriology and Atonement - A Response to Benjamin Douglass

Issues on Soteriology and Atonement A Response to Benjamin Douglass This is a response to comments Benjamin Douglass recently put on his website. Mr. Douglass: Dear all, I was Sungenis’ Vice President for about two years, so I know his theological views fairly well. There is nothing unorthodox in the views on justification as expressed in Not By Faith Alone. This is clear from the endorsements it received from the entire community of Catholic apologists. Sungenis’ exegesis of St. Paul’s phrase “works of the law” is controversial. He argues that it refers to any works performed on a principle of debt and obligation, whereas other Catholics will argue that it refers to works of the Torah. However, both opinions are within the pale. R. Sungenis: It seems that Mr. Douglass’ attempt here is to make it appear as if: (1) I am in the minority of Catholics who hold the view that “works of law” refers to any work one performs by his own merit to attain justification, and (2) that there

Robert Sungenis Explains the Catholic Mass and Worship and What Protestants Think Happened on the Cross

Robert focuses on the Sacrificial aspect of Holy Mass, that is, it is the means by which God the Father is appeased or propitiated, by seeing the once for all Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, perpetuated until the end of time. Robert also corrects the common misunderstanding that Jesus paid the full legal payment for our sins on the Cross; He did not. Jesus paid for the way or the opportunity for reconciliation with God the Father. After all, if Jesus paid the full legal payment for our sins, no one would ever go to Hell, since payment for sins cannot be paid for a second time if it was truly paid for the first time. Includes Q and A's.

03/17/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

March 17, 2021 1. The Catholic Doctrine of Marriage: Divorce & Remarriage (1-hour discussion) 2. If a Catholic woman was married in a civil court, can she remarry in the Catholic Church? 3. Why do people listen to “experts” rather than look at facts and decide for themselves? 4. What is the difference between the Petrine and Pauline privilege? 5. Can I receive communion if my spouse divorced me? 6. Do neo-cons war-monger against Russia because Russians are orthodox Christian? 7. Have you considered teaching at The Collegium? 8. Is my Catholic marriage invalid if my husband lied about being baptized as a Protestant? 9. Does the Church teach that the priest marries the Church? 10. Are the laws of physics the same in both rotating and inertial frames of reference? 11. Since annulments have skyrocketed since the 50’s, were things too strict before, or too lax now? 12. Are baptized Catholics fully Catholic prior to their confirmation? 13.

03/16/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

March 16, 2021 1. The Vatican’s Answer on Marriage and Civil Unions (40-minute discussion). 2. Is Antinous Epiphanius a type of antichrist similar to the future Anti-Christ? 3. What are your views of E. Michael Jones’ book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit? 4. How would I get permission to use the footnotes from your commentary in a paper? 5. Did Einstein marry his cousin and beat women as I have heard? 6. If we’re all descended from Adam & Eve, why are there different races? 7. Is it wrong for a child to bless their parents, since the father is the head of the household? 8. Has the Vatican’s announcement on civil unions put an end to the gay marriage debate? 9. Is it true that wives cannot lay hands on their husbands since they lack the authority? 10. Does the Vatican’s statement on civil unions mean the Pope is losing influence? 11. Is it a sin for women not to be veiled at church? 12. Was it a sin

Does God Have Emotions Round Table with Dr. Robert Sungenis (Reason & Theology, 2/8/21)

Does God Have Emotions with Dr. Robert Sungenis Dr. Robert Sungenis, Dr. Matthew Minerd, William Albrecht, Erick Ybarra and Michael Lofton engage in a round table discussion on whether God has emotions.

QA - Isaiah 7, whether the translation should be young woman or virgin

Good morning, I hope this email finds you well. I asked a question on the live stream yesterday which Dr. Sungenis kindly answered about Isaiah 7 and whether the translation should be young woman or virgin Dr. Sungenis said to check out a 50 page article on the website from the past 6 months that references various prophecies with a Jewish and Catholic interpretation. I've been unable to find it unfortunately and was wondering whether you could provide a copy or a link? Ad Iesum per Mariam, Paul Paul, You can find that article at The part you are interested in starts at page 23. I hope it is sufficient for your needs. Robert Sungenis

A Tale of Two Earths: Dr. Rob Sungenis and Allegedly Dave (The NonSequitur Show, 2018)

The Universe Revolves Around The Earth...Robert Sungenis and Dave Palm (The NonSequitur Show, 2018)

Rebuttal to Cardinal Schönborn on His Essay “He Created Each Thing According to Its Kind” by Robert Sungenis

Third catechesis by Christoph Cardinal Schönborn on December 4, 2005 in the cathedral of St. Stephan in Vienna. Translated by Prof. John F. Crosby. Schönborn: In the second catechesis we dealt in general with our faith in God as creator: "In the beginning God created heaven and earth." According to this faith, all that exists owes its being to the sovereign act of the creator, who does not have to create. We profess this in the Creed when we profess our belief in the one God, the Father and Creator of heaven and earth. But things get more difficult as soon as we try to approach the matter more closely and ask what all of this means concretely. According to Genesis 1, the first chapter of the Bible, God created everything "according to its kind." Does this mean that God performed for each kind a distinct act of creating? This was the belief for centuries, into the 18th and 19th century: the different kinds are unchangeable and each is created separately by God. The

A Response to James White's Comments on Jesus, Peter and the Keys

A Response to James White's Comments on  Jesus, Peter and the Keys by Robert Sungenis Well, we've got to hand it to Mr. White. I really don't know where he finds the time to sit down and write all his rebuttals to Catholic apologists, but it is apparent that he somehow manages. We can safely conclude from observing his Web page that Mr. White is on a crusade. Clearly out-numbered by Catholic apologists who have taken the pen-sword in hand to challenge their Protestant brethren, White feels it his personal responsibility to slay the giant behemoth of the Catholic Church, especially those nasty new converts who are just popping up everywhere. But take heart, dear Catholic friend, God allows the Mr. White's of the world to continue in their crusades because they actually do us more good than harm. For every clever argument that is raised by the Mr. White's, God is giving us a chance to sharpen our swords. Yes, we will answer every minutia of argumentation they bring fo