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10/06/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

October 6, 2021
1. Comments on Pope Francis’ statement about the pedophile scandal (30 minute discussion).
2. Were the Deuterocanonical books always in the canon and always of equal status?
3. Do you think the pre-Vatican II church was too cut off from the world?
4. Why was darkness created before the Fall? Isn’t darkness bad?
5. How are Jesus and Mary portrayed in the Quran?
6. Why does Genesis 2 have Adam being created after the 7th day?
7. Is praying to the Saints found in the bible?
8. In Luke 19:27 does Jesus mean we are to kill those who don’t follow Jesus?
9. What is the basis of the teaching that the Church is infallible?
10. How can the German bishops not be in schism after proposing that the priesthood is not needed?
11. Could Daniel 12:11 refer to the abolishing of the Eucharist sacrifice of the Mass?
12. How many heavens are there?
13. Why does Daniel 12:11 say 1,290 days, whereas Daniel 12:12 says 1,335 days?
14. Should we get the COVID vaccine? What should we do if it becomes mandatory?