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11/24/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 24, 2020 1. How do we handle Jewish objections to Christianity? 2. What is your view of QAnon? 3. Was Stalin all bad if he opened Churches and banded abortion? 4. Is there a bible that fixes the OT errors in the Jerome bible? 5. Clarifications on life, death and the afterlife. 6. If God is all-powerful, why is there evil in the world? 7. Who is the author of Genesis? 8. Should we be wary of a Covid-19 vaccine? 9. Thoughts on the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum? 10. Can a demon be “in love” with a woman, as in the book of Tobit? 11. Are you now selling the 12th edition of Galileo Was Wrong? 12. Must one receive Communion for each plenary indulgence? 13. Could you talk about Fundamentalism and Charismatics? 14. Can pagans who never hear of Jesus be saved? 15. Why does God allow demons and false teachers to deceive us?

11/18/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 18, 2020 1. Why do your book orders sometimes take so long to arrive? 2. Is it true that you sometimes mock those that condemn Catholicism? 3. Is it true we can reject some Catholic proclamations based on conscience? 4. If Adam hadn’t sinned, would Man have eventually overpopulated the Earth? 5. Who or what is that which restrains the katoikon prior to the Antichrist? 6. Was the MMX debunked by Earth moving relative to the ether and not the Sun? 7. Have the Churches in the East always rejected the Pope as they claim? 8. Were Neanderthals descended from Adam? 9. Why is Peter sometimes called Cephas the bible? 10. Who or what is the “restrainer” in the Apocalypse? 11. How does John the Baptist know Jesus’ response means He is the Christ? 12. If we can’t trust science half the time, how can we trust any history? 13. Which language do you know better: Greek or Hebrew? 14. Why does God get mad? Why did he get mad at Moses? 15. Di

11/17/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 17, 2020 1. Clarification: Deacons CAN perform weddings, but can’t say Mass at them. 2. How to deal with a strongly anti-catholic person? 3. Why did Jesus say to Mary: “Woman, what is that to me and thee”, in John 2:4? 4. What is your view of hypnosis? Is it dangerous? 5. What is your view of E. Michael Jones’ new book “Logos Rising”? 6. What did Jesus mean when he said “Whoever is not against us is for us”? 7. Should we take the book of Judith figuratively as many Catholics do? 8. Is the Behemoth in Job 40 a dinosaur? 9. Does Francis’ filling the College of Cardinals with liberals mean the future is bleak? 10. How can we choose good Judges if they hide their views in confirmation hearings? 11. Does being a good catholic mean agreeing with a Pope who contradicts a prior Pope? 12. What’s the best argument for geocentrism? And the best against heliocentrism? 13. Will the Antichrist be from the government or from the Vatican? 14.

11/11/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 11, 2020 1. New science information on the Axis of Evil and a rotating universe. 2. Discussion on The McCarrick Report and Archbishop ViganĂ²’s response. 3. Can a priest baptize a person who believes in Jesus but not in everything Catholic? 4. Must I be reconciled to my former Protestant Church before becoming Catholic? 5. Does “He will reconcile all things to himself in heaven and earth” include fallen angels? 6. How exactly does the Cross reconcile all things back to God? 7. Is there a precise list of Church Dogmas? Where would one find such a list? 8. Is the vaccine for Covid-19 the Mark of the Beast? 9. Is the reported of a letter from King Abgar to Jesus true? 10. Is it true that light speed changes when traveling through valleys as in “branch flow”? 11. Could it be that the Sun is the center of mass of the universe instead of the earth? 12. Isn’t the Filioque just a power trip between East and West? 13. Why is Sunday not th

11/10/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 10, 2020 1. Should a woman be legally punished for having an abortion? 2. Is it sinful to change the conditions of a personal vow we make? 3. Proof or not of Pope Paul VI being a homosexual. 4. Discussion on ascent to different levels of authoritative statements. 5. Re: Pope Leo XIII’s vision of Jesus giving the devil 100 years. Is it over? 6. Thoughts on “Bechamp or Pasture?” on biology. 7. Thoughts on the current voter fraud. 8. Who is the legitimate president today? 9. Was the Book of Enoch included among the Dead Sea Scrolls? 10. If Vatican II wasn’t declared infallible, could it thus contain errors? 11. Do you think ViganĂ² speaks out against Francis out of jealousy? 12. How will you get an Imprimatur/Nihil Obstat for your new commentary? 13. Thoughts on the current voter fraud. 14. Did Biden’s “votes” violate Benford’s law? 15. How do you explain the Israelite concept of slavery in the OT? 16. Are Orthodox sacraments v

The Underbelly of Modern Science: Interview by ISOC's Judith Sharpe