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11/24/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 24, 2020
1. How do we handle Jewish objections to Christianity?
2. What is your view of QAnon?
3. Was Stalin all bad if he opened Churches and banded abortion?
4. Is there a bible that fixes the OT errors in the Jerome bible?
5. Clarifications on life, death and the afterlife.
6. If God is all-powerful, why is there evil in the world?
7. Who is the author of Genesis?
8. Should we be wary of a Covid-19 vaccine?
9. Thoughts on the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum?
10. Can a demon be “in love” with a woman, as in the book of Tobit?
11. Are you now selling the 12th edition of Galileo Was Wrong?
12. Must one receive Communion for each plenary indulgence?
13. Could you talk about Fundamentalism and Charismatics?
14. Can pagans who never hear of Jesus be saved?
15. Why does God allow demons and false teachers to deceive us?