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11/10/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 10, 2020
1. Should a woman be legally punished for having an abortion?
2. Is it sinful to change the conditions of a personal vow we make?
3. Proof or not of Pope Paul VI being a homosexual.
4. Discussion on ascent to different levels of authoritative statements.
5. Re: Pope Leo XIII’s vision of Jesus giving the devil 100 years. Is it over?
6. Thoughts on “Bechamp or Pasture?” on biology.
7. Thoughts on the current voter fraud.
8. Who is the legitimate president today?
9. Was the Book of Enoch included among the Dead Sea Scrolls?
10. If Vatican II wasn’t declared infallible, could it thus contain errors?
11. Do you think ViganĂ² speaks out against Francis out of jealousy?
12. How will you get an Imprimatur/Nihil Obstat for your new commentary?
13. Thoughts on the current voter fraud.
14. Did Biden’s “votes” violate Benford’s law?
15. How do you explain the Israelite concept of slavery in the OT?
16. Are Orthodox sacraments valid?
17. Why did the Orthodox include the Filioque?
18. Do you think people like Kenneth Copeland are sincere in his beliefs?
19. Is there a biblical view of how mountains formed?
20. Were there mountains in the pre-Flood world?
21. How can people without faith in Jesus be saved?
22. How can Protestants and other schismatic people be saved?