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11/18/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 18, 2020

1. Why do your book orders sometimes take so long to arrive?
2. Is it true that you sometimes mock those that condemn Catholicism?
3. Is it true we can reject some Catholic proclamations based on conscience?
4. If Adam hadn’t sinned, would Man have eventually overpopulated the Earth?
5. Who or what is that which restrains the katoikon prior to the Antichrist?
6. Was the MMX debunked by Earth moving relative to the ether and not the Sun?
7. Have the Churches in the East always rejected the Pope as they claim?
8. Were Neanderthals descended from Adam?
9. Why is Peter sometimes called Cephas the bible?
10. Who or what is the “restrainer” in the Apocalypse?
11. How does John the Baptist know Jesus’ response means He is the Christ?
12. If we can’t trust science half the time, how can we trust any history?
13. Which language do you know better: Greek or Hebrew?
14. Why does God get mad? Why did he get mad at Moses?
15. Did you receive a reply from James White regarding the scripture-only debate?
16. Is having a mortgage a sin of usury for either the borrower or lender?
17. Do Protestants like debating Catholics because they only have to use Sola Scriptura?