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11/11/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

November 11, 2020
1. New science information on the Axis of Evil and a rotating universe.
2. Discussion on The McCarrick Report and Archbishop ViganĂ²’s response.
3. Can a priest baptize a person who believes in Jesus but not in everything Catholic?
4. Must I be reconciled to my former Protestant Church before becoming Catholic?
5. Does “He will reconcile all things to himself in heaven and earth” include fallen angels?
6. How exactly does the Cross reconcile all things back to God?
7. Is there a precise list of Church Dogmas? Where would one find such a list?
8. Is the vaccine for Covid-19 the Mark of the Beast?
9. Is the reported of a letter from King Abgar to Jesus true?
10. Is it true that light speed changes when traveling through valleys as in “branch flow”?
11. Could it be that the Sun is the center of mass of the universe instead of the earth?
12. Isn’t the Filioque just a power trip between East and West?
13. Why is Sunday not the new Sabbath as is claimed by 7th Day Adventists?
14. Why is everything Pope Francis says ambiguous? Does he believe in Hell?
15. Is the burial tomb of Jesus in the Holy Sepulcher?
16. Does the formation of new planets refute the creation of everything in 6 Days?
17. Did the Old Testament Jews get to heaven by following the OT covenant?
18. How should I relate to my Joe-Biden-Catholic family?
19. If a dead person votes for Joe Biden does he get more time in Purgatory?
20. What should a potential convert do if he thinks the local priest is gay?
21. Wasn’t Nero the Beast? Or must we believe the Antichrist is still to come?
22. How to answer Flat-Earthers who say water must always be flat and not curved?
23. Is it always immoral to take a vaccine derived from a fetus?
24. Are Planck particles the same thing as ether?
25. Are Sir Thomas Paine’s bible contradictions true?
26. Is the Light of Genesis Day 1 and the lights of Day 4 a biblical contradiction?
27. What’s the difference between a deacon and a priest? Can deacons perform Mass?
28. Are sins that one is not sorry for still forgiven at baptism?
29. When was the Apocalypse written?
30. What do you think of Malachi Martin?
31. If JPII knew and did nothing about McCarrick, is he still a Saint?
32. The sun in the Himawari 8 satellite videos wobbles; would this contradict heliocentrism?
33. Why does Lawrence Krauss always denigrate religion at every turn?
34. What happens if you turned on your headlights while traveling at light speed?
35. Comments on atheist’s guilty consciences.
36. Comments on Roy H. Schoeman about Salvation being from the Jews.
37. When God said “Let there be light”, was it a light source or light photons?
38. Would it be a sin to vote for a third-party candidate you know would never win?
39. Dare we hope that all men will be canonized?
40. Is Satanism involved in Freemasonry and human trafficking?