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03/16/21 - Robert Sungenis Live

March 16, 2021
1. The Vatican’s Answer on Marriage and Civil Unions (40-minute discussion).
2. Is Antinous Epiphanius a type of antichrist similar to the future Anti-Christ?
3. What are your views of E. Michael Jones’ book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit?
4. How would I get permission to use the footnotes from your commentary in a paper?
5. Did Einstein marry his cousin and beat women as I have heard?
6. If we’re all descended from Adam & Eve, why are there different races?
7. Is it wrong for a child to bless their parents, since the father is the head of the household?
8. Has the Vatican’s announcement on civil unions put an end to the gay marriage debate?
9. Is it true that wives cannot lay hands on their husbands since they lack the authority?
10. Does the Vatican’s statement on civil unions mean the Pope is losing influence?
11. Is it a sin for women not to be veiled at church?
12. Was it a sin for the Vatican to invest $100,000,000 in Elton John’s Rocket Man movie?
13. May I ask why you don’t believe in the visions of the Divine Mercy?
14. Is it true that the Pope has appointed gay clergy to many high positions?
15. How can Hugh Ross look at the CMB and say the Earth is not in the center?
16. If the purpose of marriage is to procreate, should those that can’t conceive still marry?
17. What’s a good way to decide which devotions to choose?
18. Does Pope Benedict still retain some spiritual dimension to the Papacy?
19. Is your and Madrid’s debate in California against 3 others in 1995 available on CD?
20. Did any OT antichrist types performed miracles?
21. What’s your take on Milo Yiannopoulos’ views of homosexuality?
22. Should the Lazareth miracle have been in all the gospels as textual critics say?
23. Does the Bible rule out lower life forms on other planets?
24. Are the teachings from Vatican II false teachings?
25. Was Saint Pope Paul VI a homosexual or not?
26. Difference between Catholic and Protestant views on divorce and remarriage.