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2/2/22 - Robert Sungenis Live

Robert Sungenis LIVE!
Ask Your Questions
Index of Topics and Questions for
February 2, 2022

1. Sister Lucia’s identity, Fatima’s fulfillment and the Mazza debate. (20 minute discussion).
2. Why do Freemasons keep their ritual secret? Who is at the very top? Why do many scientists choose to become members?
3. If an improper Baptism is done, what is the state of the person’s soul before God?
4. Given that penal substitution is wrong for various reasons, how do we explain Gal 3:13 where Christ is a “curse”?
5. If God changes his mind, couldn’t the OT passages just be a type of the change God undergoes after the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus on the cross?
6. Aside from any Catholic angle, do you think the American Revolution against Britain was justified and that George Washington should be honored as he is?
7. If the Sun and outer planets are moving so fast around the Earth, why isn't this detected in timestamps of radio signals from distant probes?
8. Matthew 5:47 says I should greet my enemies. But what if I've cut them off and see them in public? You said previously that it’s okay to cut people off so I would like you to reconcile this passage?
9. If a person is not Catholic, but lives a Christ-like life, can they still go to heaven?
10. How can the probe sent to the Sun still be working when it should be melted by now?
11. Where can I buy the 3 volumes of Galileo Was Wrong, the Church was right?
12. What are your thoughts on the Protestant author AW Tozer?
13. Is it wrong for my priest to refer to God as "father and mother" at Mass?
14. After proving theism, how do we then go on to prove that only the Christian God is true?
15. Where can I find the best evidence for the Trinity, and the Holy Spirit being God in the Church Fathers/ante-Nicene?"Scholars" say it was not clear to early Christians?
16. Why does our Lord say in Mathew 10 not to take a staff while commissioning the apostles, but in Mark 6 he tells them to take a staff?
17. How does RC reconcile the marriage of Mary and Joseph being a biblical marriage in light of 1 Cor. 6:16, 1 Cor. 7:4-5, Eph. 5:30-31?
18. How would the Eotvos effect be accounted for in the Geocentric model?
19. Rob Skiba said he believed in the real presence of Christ in communion (after meeting you). Did you get to discuss Catholicism with him outside the debate?
20. What is your take on the recently discovered "radio filaments" near the center of the Milky Way galaxy from the MeerKAT telescope and how might this reflect on the geocentric model?
21. How does The Father’s wrath relate to human suffering, punishment and death, as opposed to eternal damnation?
22. Is the change of God's mind related to His Holiness? In Jeremiah 32:35 God spoke of the sin of sacrifice to Moloch not "entering His mind".
23. Is this phrase a correct phrase: "The Orthodox religion is wrong"?
24. How do galaxies align with the CMB? Is it with the axis of evil or with the North-South axis of the earth?
25. Are ghost real? What’s the Catholic position on Ghosts?
26. Were you able to say goodbye to Rick Delano before he passed? Did you know he was very sick?
27. Please explain the equation (of the seventy weeks) in Daniel that predicts the coming of Jesus.
28. If we are allegedly circumnavigating the sun, which is millions of miles away, how many miles per hour is the earth hurtling through the solar system, according to the heliocentric model?
29. What is your take on the theory that Melchizedek is Shem?
30. Don’t the radio signals from distant space probes provide multiple independent sets of Michelson-Morley data?
31. Could NATO and The UN be the global government that the antichrist takes over?