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COVID-19 and the Left

It's not often that I step into the social crises confronting the secular world, but the COVID-19 crisis has become a dire exception. I have never seen such blatant manipulation of scientific data as I have seen with COVID.

While feigning help to Americans by insisting we wear masks and social distance (which even some of their own experts admit doesn't really have the ability to mitigate COVID to any substantial degree, which then promoted Dr. Fouci, just yesterday, to say we should all wear goggles instead of masks), they impugn the use of a simple drug, hydroxychloroquine, that has proven to be an effective remedy to COVID, at least in the early stages when someone discovers he has been infected, and certainly as a preventive measure to stop the COVID virus from doing any harm at all.

Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19: Can I get sick from eating ...Instead, they accuse long-time medical professionals who recommend hydroxychloroquine as being quacks and charlatans, even though taking this well-established drug, that has had a great track record over the last 50 years, has no harmful side-effects. In all practicality, it’s as safe as drinking orange juice. Even if it doesn’t work, we lose nothing, since no one will be harmed by it.

Let’s hear it from the experts. Earlier this year, the most prestigious medical journal in the world, Lancet, published an article that slammed hydroxychloroquine as an unsafe and harmful drug. After further investigation into the claims of the article, Lancet retracted it because it was completely bogus, as admitted by its own authors. As one source put it:

The Lancet, one of the world’s top medical journals, on Thursday retracted an influential study that raised alarms about the safety of the experimental Covid-19 treatments chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine amid scrutiny of the data underlying the paper.

Just over an hour later, the New England Journal of Medicine retracted a separate study, focused on blood pressure medications in Covid-19, that relied on data from the same company.

The retractions came at the request of the authors of the studies, published last month, who were not directly involved with the data collection and sources, the journals said.

In an opposite vein, a couple of days ago, Twitter (you know, that renowned medical authority that allows 139 characters per tweet), banned Donald Trump, Jr. from his account for merely mentioning that twelve doctors had a press conference in front of the Capital building on July 27 and were promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine as a remedy against COVID-19, all based on their clinical experience. One doctor said that all of her 350 patients that had COVID were given hydroxychloroquine and not one of their lives were lost.

Below is the video to which Trump Jr. referred. Do yourself a favor and listen hard to what these experts have to say about the positive results of hydroxychloroquine, results that the mainstream secular media, like Twitter and many others, doesn’t want you to hear because their political agenda is more important than saving lives. 

As if that’s not enough, look at this short video about a movie that came out in 2003 titled, The Dead Zone. It features a Corona virus that began to infect a town. The leaders were immediately demanding the wearing of masks and shutting down the schools. Lo and behold, hydroxychloroquine (then known as chloroquine) was suggested as a cure, but many leaders in the town were against it. When the life of the main character was on the line, it was decided to use hydroxychloroquine for him. It stopped the Corona virus in its tracks and the movie ended on a good note. 

After seeing the goose bumps on your arm this prescient movie created, it begs the question as to why so many left-leaning political figures and institutions are forbidding hydroxychloroquine that many informed doctors have recommended based on the positive results they have seen in their own medical practices. If hydroxychloroquine did some harm to the human body we could understand their reticence. But since it doesn’t, as confirmed by two of the most prestigious medical journals in the world (Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine), there can only be one answer:

They really don’t want people to be cured of COVID.

At least not before the November election.

As long as they can keep the net of fear over the American people for the next few months and blame Donald Trump for being responsible for the outbreaks of COVID-19, they have a better chance of achieving their leftist political goals at the ballot box, including the four horsewomen from New York, led by AOC. Nancy Pelosi has even stooped to the level of calling COVID the “Trump virus.”

Since the death of thousands might help promote their leftist revolution by allowing them to blame the mortality on Trump, they have come to the unprecedented point of accepting the death of American citizens in exchange for what they believe is the greater good, socialism.

In addition, their manipulation of COVID to the point of governors refusing to allow their citizens to go back to work under the guise of “health” concerns is, in reality, an attempt to ruin the American economy, the very economy Trump has touted as the greatest achievement of his presidency. Obviously, the only way for the Left to combat this remarkable achievement is to destroy it, anyway they can.

Their manipulation of the COVID crisis far outweighs their manipulation of the scientific data they used to make us believe the world is suffering from "climate change." They are led to use the COVID crisis because the climate change crisis they manufactured failed miserably to move the needle for them against Trump. The “border” crisis also failed, as did the attempted ouster of Trump by impeachment, as did all the fake news from CNN and MSNBC of a Russian/US conspiracy that fomented the impeachment.

So, being so close to the election in November, they have no choice but to seize on the COVID crisis as their ultimate boogeyman to scare everyone away from Donald Trump. Their desperation has spilled over into other social areas, such as the death and destruction their vigilantes are presently bringing to the cities of America under the guise of curing the "racism" they claim Donald Trump started, a destruction either applauded by leftist politicians or tacitly approved by their silence to condemn it. They will use anything they can to make their conservative opponents look as bad as possible, as if they themselves have nothing to do with promoting the very racism and hatred they claim to despise.  

There is one common thread running through them all. They are all products of the LEFT, which includes most Democrats and liberals, the "coastal elites," the George Soros funded vigilantes like Antifa and BLM, the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and many others. These people are bent on revolution. Most of them hate Christianity and everything it stands for, mostly because Christianity condemns the sinful lives most of them lead. And they also hate that America has been, and is largely, a Christian nation.

Hence, in America, they have now decided to foment a no-holds-barred campaign of terror, realizing the reelection of Donald Trump and his continual defense of traditional Christianity may once again become a reality in three months. At the extreme ends of their revolution are those who knock down time-honored statues of Jesus Christ, Mary, and other saints, clearly showing us their motives and the depths of their depravity. At the more socially acceptable end are the liberal-minded political figures who, although many claim to be Christian, never met an unwanted baby whose abortion they didn't condone, or a homosexual "marriage" they didn't support, or an illegal alien they didn’t wish to offer welfare in exchange for a Democratic vote at the polls.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war. Already we have many casualties, namely, many of those who have died from COVID-19 who could have been saved had hydroxychloroquine not been banned by the powers-that-be and their sycophants. Call your congressman, call your senator, and call your governor, and demand that this drug be allowed to be given to every American citizen. Give us a fighting chance of solving this unprecedented crisis.

Robert Sungenis
July 30, 2020

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