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Dennis von Katholische Antworten Interview: GEOCENTRISM is RIGHT 🌞🌍 German INTERVIEWS Robert Sungenis (May 24, 2020)

Streamed 6/24/2020

German interviewing Robert Sungenis about the whole topic of Geocentrism vs. Heliocentrism, Einstein vs. Newton and the Catholic Church vs. Galileo. How can the whole modern science community be wrong? Is it only a conspiracy theory like the flat earth movement? What does the bible have to say about this paradigm shift? ► The Principle Movie: ► Another Geocentrist Website: ► Journey to the Center of the Universe: ► Robert Sungenis Website: ► Robert Sungenis YouTube: $$$ If you want to support Robert Sungenis and his work, you might wanna donate him some Bitcoin (BTC): 3DoKUFG5R2jGQhkBqTDs1LwVSW75rFea91 ₿₿₿ 0:18 Short introduction into the topic 2:29 Short apology for geocentrism with modern science 09:22 How can the whole scientific community be in fixed on heliocentrism? 24:35 One clear example from the Bible for geocentrism 33:42 How did you get aware of the geocentric vs. heliocentric issue? 39:12 Didn't the Church already admit her errors? 44:20 Can you give us modern scientific proof that the earth is in the center of the universe? 53:20 The Axis of Evil 1:01:00 Doesn't a geocentric model defy the speed of light? 1:04:18 Doesn't our galaxy suggest a galaxy- or heliocentric model? 1:07:20 Presentation of various perspectives with a computer model 1:13:56 Isn't the heliocentric model more intuitive? 1:15:43 The concept of ether and how it is relevant to the issue 1:18:48 The Michelson–Morley experiment 1:26:38 Contradictions in modern science 1:28:35 Did the Church actually ever dogmatize geocentrism? 1:32:00 Did the Church ever reject geocentrism? 1:35:26 Hildegard von Bingen's visions of geocentrism 1:43:57 More material on geocentrism: Luka Popov, Gerardus D. Bouw, Walter van der Kamp