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07/01/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

July 1, 2020

1.      Do you recognize the General Theory of Relativity at all?

2.      Can you talk about Pope John Paul II’s kissing of the Koran?

3.      Information about the on-line bible studies.

4.      How should one read and understand Denzinger?

5.      Comments regarding Lawrence Krause’s quotes.

6.      Comments on Triple Aspersion.

7.      Why would NASA fake the Earth Rise photo?

8.      Can you give me some advice regarding my sister-in-law who is a baptized Catholic but doesn't practice the Faith and is going to marry a Protestant in a Protestant church?

9.      What is a freemason?

10.  How do we respond to Protestants that say that we don't need an infallible Church to tell us what the canon of scripture is, because the Jews didn’t have an infallible Church in the Old Testament?

11.  Have you heard Michio Kaku talking about string theory, anti-matter, particle accelerators and the theory of everything?

12.  What about the many proofs for time dilation and length contraction we are always told exist?

13.  What do you think about Aristotle believing that bodies stop moving because they get tired?

14.  Have you read the article, The Age of Catastrophe by Silvano Borruso which appeared in the June issue of Dr. Jones's magazine Culture Wars? It is very interesting.

15.  ​Is antimatter real? Why would God use antimatter?

16.  What are your thoughts on the Benedict Option?

17.  Since the 3rd secret of Fatima would be reveal during the 60's, could the consecration of Russia have been done by Popes prior to Vatican II? By Pius XI for example?

18.  Is it true to say that GPS works only when the satellites are programmed in a way that assumes the earth is not rotating? If so, how does mainstream science explain this?

19.  When a Jew becomes a Christian is he still a Jew? Or when a Muslim becomes a Christian is he still a Muslim or he is a Christian?

20.  Given that mainstream science continues to teach that light speed is absolute, how do they explain or rebut the Michelson-Gale or Sagnac experiments; or are they simply memory holed?

21.  Dr. Sungenis, which book would you say is the best place to start with your work?

22.  What are your thoughts on Old Earth Creationism? Can Catholics believe in it?

23.  ​Has any member of the Catholic hierarchy ever commented on the interferometer experiments that seem to vindicate the Church's position on geocentrism?

24.  What do you think of Fr. Borruso’s saying that:

a.       The earth has been subjected to numerous catastrophes due to irregular motion of the planets? ​

b.      These catastrophes disrupted time itself so that we have no sure way of knowing what the ancient peoples meant by the words year, month, etc.

c.       The earth in the first ages was not subject to the same gravity as today due a catastrophic storm of meteors which increased the earth's density & thereby strengthened gravity.

d.      The ancient ruins at Sacsahuaman other places couldn't be replicated today, but could only have been built under conditions wherein gravity was much weaker.

25.  Do protestants focus on the Old Testament a lot because they are looking for historical examples for wisdom and guidance because they reject the Catholic Church?

26.  Do you think that the Papal States should be restored to the Pope?

27.  Do dinosaurs disprove Creationism?