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06/24/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 24, 2020

1.      In Genesis 1, why was the 'vegetation' made before 'luminaries'?

2.      Did Samson loose his strength because he disobeyed God, got his hair cut off or both?

3.      Did you send a copy of Galileo was Wrong the Church was Right to the Pope/Vatican?

4.      Matthew 16 and Isaiah 22 speak of the keys of the Kingdom. But why did the apostles asked to sit at Jesus’ right hand AFTER Matthew 16?

5.      What is hermeneutic of continuity?

6.      After the devastating loses that James White would go through in his many debates with you, would you and him talk prior or after the debates?

7.      In Philemon verses 10 & 11, is there a wordplay going on with 'Onesimos' and the words 'achrestos' & 'euchrestos'?

8.      Is there a contradiction between Revelation 14:10 and 2 Thess. 1:9 about the wicked being said to be punished 'before' the Lord in one verse and 'away' from the Lord in the other?

9.      What is your view on the 'Synoptic Problem'? Do you accept Marcan Priority? Were some Gospels partially copied from others? Was there a Q Source and is the Gospel of Thomas a candidate for Q?

10.  Should women wear make-up and jewelry? Does the Church have any teachings about that?

11.  Can a Catholic celebrate Halloween in any way shape or form or must he stay away from it completely?

12.  Can any ordained priest practice his Holy Orders while not being under any specific bishop?

13.  ​Do you believe the Rosary was actually given to St. Dominic or was there a more natural origin?

14.  Is it mandatory for us to attend the Catholic Mass? Does COVID-19 excuse us from taking our family to mass on Sunday?

15.  Will the End Times temple of God that St. Paul speaks about be a rebuilt temple of Solomon, or is it St. Peter's Basilica?

16.  Acts 2:45 says to sell your land and give it to the Apostles? Is this what liberals use for a government take over our properties?

17.  Why does God in the Old Testament kill people sometimes, even for having the wrong motives or intentions, when in Ezekiel 18:23 God says that He does not want the sinner to die?

18.  As Catholics, do we have to call Protestants (non-catholic, biblical, Evangelical) "Christians" or "Non-Christians", "Heretics", and False Christians?

19.  There is a lot of talk on the internet on the coming Illumination of Conscious for all humanity. Is there anything in our church teaching that supports this idea/belief?

20.  Is it possible that a soul in Hell could get a different judgment?

21.  Can you please talk about the 1919 eclipse observations and the issues with it? Is the existence of space-time incompatible with geocentrism?

22.  Is it correct to say that the 1925 Michelson-Gale experiment falsified the idea that light speed is constant and absolute? If so, why is a fixed speed of light still taught basically everywhere?

23.  Have you written anything about separation of church and state? Has the church condemned this?

24.  Have you written anything about the abuse of the phrase, "for the sake of our salvation" from the document referenced in Vatican II?

25.  Given the size of your family and also the volume of writing you produce, how do you find time? What is your writing process?

26.  Have you ever thought about your speech pattern so that you don't say OK so much in your otherwise great talks?