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06/02/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 2, 2020

1.      Comments on the current riots.

2.      What does the Catholic Church teach about Hypnosis?

3.      What does the Catholic Church teach about Graphology (handwriting analysis)?

4.      Is one of Satan's names really Lucifer?

5.      Will people in Heaven wear clothes on their resurrected bodies?

6.      Since the Apostles were married or allowed to have wives, does this contradict clerical celibacy?

7.      Apostles' Creed: Why is Pontius Pilate mentioned so prominently in the Apostles' Creed?

Why doesn't the Apostles' Creed mention any of Jesus’ actions on Earth between his birth and his suffering under Pilate? Are there any known controversies regarding these questions in the historical origin of the Apostles' Creed?

8.      What websites or scientific articles can I go to in order to show someone the scientific evidence that there were two Sister Lucias?

9.      ​Could you explain the significance of the fourth Joyous Mystery of the Rosary: Jesus being presented in the Temple?

10.  What is your opinion on SpaceX sending humans to space? Could this be the start of humans expanding past this planet? Could they discover more evidence for Earth being at the centre of the universe?

11.  What is a good bible version to get? Some say the RSV is not good. What should one beware of when buying a bible?

12.  Could you argue that if Earth rotates at different speeds depending on latitude then you couldn’t explain why clouds flow East at a uniform pace regardless of the hemisphere?

13.  Was Jesus a Jew? And is the Christian faith base on the Hebrew faith?

14.  Do you know of any Popes or Saints who were Mathematicians?

15.  Could you argue for a fixed Earth by saying that pilots don’t have to adjust their flight trajectories because of a rotating earth?

16.  What’s the problem with our country: is it true that racism is still prevalent in our day?