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06/10/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 10, 2020

1.      Comments on current events.

2.      Is it a mortal sin to go over to a person's home when you know they are living in mortal sin such as cohabitation or being married outside the Church?

3.      Have you noticed that most traditionalists are bitter people? What are your thoughts?

4.      If 80% of the Book of Revelation is symbolic in some way, why can't the first few chapters of Genesis (creation story) be mostly symbolic?

5.      Robert, are all of your family members catholic?

6.      ​What does 2 Samuel18:8 mean about the forest claiming more lives than the sword?

7.      Comments on Black Lives Matter.

8.      Who is the woman in Revelation 12:1? Some Protestants say it's Israel, others say it's Eve. I've heard Catholics say that it refers to Mary, but the next verse says that the woman suffered labor pains.

9.      Doesn't the Catechism say that Mary never suffered labor pains because she was Immaculately Conceived?

10.  What is the best way to understand the Trinity?

11.  ​Why does it seem like we always hear about Christ being so loving and not about him turning tables over and kicking people out of the temple?

12.  What are your thoughts on Archbishop Vigano’s letter to the President Trump?

13.  I have noticed that you often use Einstein's theory of relativity to explain a point about geocentrism. If STR and GTR have been proven wrong, why use them at all?

14.  Comments on: The Trinity as the flame is God the Father, the light is God the Son, the heat is God the Holy Spirit: three in one.

15.  Why did the church change the 7th day to Sunday?

16.  What is Jansenism is and why it is so dangerous?

17.  What is your opinion of David Berlinski’s book “The Devil's Delusion, Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions”?

18.  ​Were Adam and Eve literal people, or mythical characters; such that original sin came from humanity rebelling against God as a whole.

19.  Comments on Timothy Gordon losing his job because of his posting about Black Lives Matter.

20.  You said one could not feel rotation here on earth. Wouldn't someone notice the rotation on a different planet? Wouldn't we notice if we shoot something at a distance for example?