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06/03/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

June 3, 2020

1.      Does the geocentric model explain more accurately how solar eclipses occur?

2.      What are your thoughts on the Chinese Rites controversy in the 18th century concerning the compatibility of Confucianism (and veneration of non-Catholic ancestors) with Catholicism?

3.      Wouldn't someone on a different planet feel the effects of rotation? Or do we also experience the same effect because of the ether rotating around us?

4.      Why are only the moon, sun and stars mentioned in Genesis and not planets? How do the stars “fall from heaven”? What about the stars “fighting” in Joshua?

5.      ​If the devils will torture the damned (humans) in Hell forever, where is the suffering and torture of the devils and Satan?

6.      Can you rank the top 3 to 5 best English translated bibles you would recommend for daily reading and a comment on why you rank them that way?

7.      How does a Protestant and Catholics define the terms Faith and Justification?

8.      Was Paul the author of Hebrews?

9.      Have you ever found a conflict between the universal interpretation of the Fathers and the grammatical Greek?

10.  Did the Holy Spirit first appear at Pentecost? Or was it also informing prophets in Old Testament?

11.  When were 1 Cor. and 2 Tim written? (To refute the “Bible alone” views).

12.  How can we best show our appreciation for what you do for us during these broadcasts?

13.  What are the erroneous philosophies prevalent in our seminaries today?

14.  ​Is the "Angel of the Lord" mentioned throughout the Old Testament actually Jesus in his pre-human existence before the Incarnation?

15.  What is meant by "There are three witnesses, the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree.” in1 John 5:7? Why do some scholars not believe that this is part of the original text?

16.  How would you define your current position with regard to some of the issues/problems with the post-Vatican II church, Pope Francis, etc.?

17.  If the Old Mosaic covenant was abolished and the New Covenant is opposed to the Old, how is this reconciled with Jesus saying “I have not come to abolish the Law”?

18.  ​Is it true that Saint Olaf would kill people who would not convert?

19.  ​Have you read the book "Hell" that Tan published?

20.  What you think of Archbishop Vigano when he says that Vatican II was the cause of at least part of the crisis in the Church today, such as the new liturgy and the new theology?

21.  Did Adam and Eve have sexual relationship and children before they ate from the Tree?

22.  What language did Jesus speak?

23.  Has James White or others contacted you about debating since you have been doing these broadcasts?

24.  What is your opinion of Fr. Gregory Hess?

25.  What are Black Holes, and do they exist?

26.  What are White Holes?