Bishop Robert Barron and his Dubious Beliefs About Creation and the Bible

As an addition to my critique of Brett Salkeld’s “Catholic Creationism as a Conspiracy Theory,” I have included this critique of Bishop Barron since Salkeld makes reference to a video Bishop Barron produced on Youtube.1 Bishop Robert Barron is a product of his generation. He, like every other liberal of his time, believes we have ‘come of age,’ as the saying goes, and therefore we can dismiss the literal interpretation of Genesis that our forebears so diligently safeguarded for us. What he accuses his opponents of doing is what he himself is doing. Of course, he has his reasons for his modernistic interpretation and in his heart he believes he is defending the Bible and Catholicism. In reality, he is destroying our tradition and the trust we have placed in the Bible to give us inspired and inerrant divine revelation about human origins. Let’s hear Fr. Barron speak for himself (and I will critique him line-by-line)


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