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05/26/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - God’s role in the Covid-19, doctrine of justification, Jesuits, Coriolis, Evolution & Catholic Answers, sins against the Holy Ghost, Old Testament sacrifice, Indulgences, capitalism, socialism and communism, Hail full of grace, kecharitomene

May 26, 2020
1. What is God’s role in the Covid-19 situation?
2. Do Protestant apologists believe that everyone got the doctrine of justification wrong for 1,500 years until Luther?
3. Have you read Jonathan Sarfati's book The Genesis Account? I know you wrote a similar book.
4. Why were the Jesuits suppressed from 1773-1814?
5. In the geocentric system, if the Coriolis is a force, where does it come from?
6. What force keeps the distant stars in orbit around the Earth, but also doesn't crush us?
7. How can we prove to a non-believer that the Church is a divine institution whose claims are true? This person doesn't accept Scripture, as it was compiled by the Church herself.
8. Can Catholics believe in Evolution or do we have to take Genesis literally? I have heard from apologists of Catholic Answers that the Church allows the faithful to choose whether they want to believe in Evolution or not.
9. Fr. Ripperger suggests that DNA degradation is a short-cut way to prove that Evolution is not correct. What are your thoughts?
10. What does John 6:63 mean when it says “… the flesh profits nothing"? Anti-Catholics are using this against John 6 referring to the Eucharist.
11. Have you read Dr Thomas Pink's work that Dignitatis Humanae? Is it in accord w/ the Church's tradition?
12. It seems that Catholic warriors throughout the ages have a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin, i.e. Salve Regina for the Crusaders, Virgin de Guadeloupe at Lepanto. Do you think there is a correlation between those who fight and die for the Kingdom of God on Earth and a love for Our Lady Hope of Christians?
13. Did you see the recent article of Pope Benedict XVI saying he held the ‘spiritual’ component of the Papacy? Is this the Bene Plenists redemption arc? Does this nullify his resignation if this is true?
14. What is the Catholic interpretation/understanding of sins against the Holy Ghost which will not be forgiven?
15. Can a Bishop deny RCIA candidates baptism? Or is this against Divine law?
16. Bob, you said an Old Testament sacrifice was only offered for unknown sins. Could you expand on that and indicate how that helps our understanding of the sacrifice of Mass?
17. Does “Faith as small as a mustard seed” include just believing that Genesis is history?
18. What are your thoughts on the teachings of Fr. Michel Rodrigue and the Illumination of Conscience? I have some reservations based on his mentioning Medjugorje.
19. In Romans 4, is it possible for the Protestant to argue that David referred to his first justification, and though the justified man sins, blessed is he who was justified; Thus 1, and not 2 justifications?
20. Dr. Robert, can you explain Catholic Indulgences?
21. Is it true there is a prophecy in the bible that says Satan will sit in the Church, basically in the seat of Peter? If so, what would the outcome be? And do we stay in the Church while Satan sits in the chair?
22. Can you give a better explanation of capitalism, socialism and communism? And why are Catholics divided on distributism?
23. What's the best way to defend the Church’s teaching on contraception to a Protestant?
24. Did God create man lower than the angels before the fall, or is it just after the fall that man became lower than the angels?
25. Did Samson go to Heaven?
26. Are Enoch and Elias were still alive, and will they return at the End Times, to bear witness for the Jews, and then get killed by the anti-Christ?
27. Why do most translations of the Bible render Luke 1:28 as "Greetings you who are highly favored" rather than "Hail, full of grace"?
28. I looked up online the Greek lexicon, and it said that the Vulgate's use of "gratia plena" was not correct. What then is the correct meaning of the Greek "kecharitomene"?
29. Dr. Sungenis, do you hold views against the "normal" scientific establishment, such as geocentrism, young-Earth creation, etc.? Do you have a medical opinion about viruses and bacteria causing disease?