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05/12/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Canon Law 844, Penance, six days of Creation, 3 Days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, Movie Risen, Dr. David Anders, Taxes, Separation of Races

1.      Comments on the 1983 Code of Canon Law 844 Paragraph 4 which allows the sacraments of penance, the anointing of the sick and Holy Communion to non-Catholics who manifest Catholic faith.
2.      Comments on the six days of Creation?
3.      Is Usury sin?
4.      How do we get from Good Friday to Easter Sunday when the Bible says Jesus was in the tomb for three days and three nights as it says in Matthew 12:40?
5.      Comments regarding vaccines. Are they safe? Is there a vaccine conspiracy?
6.      Can you explain in what form or fashion God speaks to Catholics and how we are to understand this? Pentecostals talk about “God speaking to them”, and they seem to have a loose understanding of prophecy.
7.      What do you think of the movie Risen? Why does there not seem to be many authentic Catholic movies about Jesus, most seem to be all protestant?
8.      Who elects the Pope? God the Father alone or all 3 persons of the Trinity? And regarding what Benedict said recently about having some part of the primacy; is that heresy? Many have said he is a heretic. Can we say this about him?
9.      I understand that the autographs (original manuscripts) of the books of the Bible are not available. We do have copies of them? The books of the Bible. Bibles were translated into other languages. Since only the original manuscripts were infallible and they are not extant, can we have confidence that the copies and the Catholic translations (like the Douay Rheims Bible) are absolutely accurate and true to the original?
10.  Gotta give push back on your “laity have no recourse to an action in the face of hierarchy”. Church history is full of examples St Joan of Arc, St Catherine of Siena, Charlemagne, Alfonso the Catholic.
11.  In the book Secret of the Rosary there is a vision that our Lord said "I am counting the Hail Mary's you have said. It's the money with which you can pay your way to heaven." What do we make of that?
12.  Would you possibly debate Dr. David Anders on "Did St. Augustine support 'theistic evolution"?
13.  What’s the Catholic view on the state taxing its citizens?
14.  What do you think are the top 3 topics that need to be addressed to get the Church back to tradition and able to influence the culture?
15.  What is the true meaning of Matt16:28 … “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom”? Atheists use this to say Christianity is a hoax.
16.  Robert, have you ever heard God's voice or him speaking to you in a way? How can I tell if a thought I have is from God or just my own conscience?
17.  Dr Sungenis, would you say that the separation of the races, in terms of physical differences, occurred when God split everyone up after Babel? Or would it have occurred naturally due to environment and climate from that point?