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05/20/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Hebrews 10:10, Reformed Protestants, propitiation, penal substitution, St. Paul considered an Apostle, Earth is the largest object in the universe, Nephilim, Ukrainian Catholic Church, Dr. Danny Faulkner, dinosaurs, Catechism, NASA, hardback books, Divine Mercy, Latin Mass, AA, Anti Christ, Judas is in hell

1.      In Hebrews 10:10, how does the verb ‘sanctified’ (in the passive past participle tense) mean that the ‘once-for-all’ sacrifice was actually performed once in the bloody manner (on the Cross) and must be continually repeated in a different manner (in the Mass)? I do not see how this would be convincing to my reformed Protestant friends who will say that we are continually sanctified because Jesus died ‘once’ on the Cross and then gave us the Holy Spirit. Of course they believe that the Mass is not a sacrifice, and Jesus’ once-for-all sacrifice is sufficient for our sanctification. I think I’m missing something in your argument about the tenses of the verb ‘sanctified’.
2.      What is the most convincing argument against reform Protestants on the topic of propitiation? How do we argue against the Reformer’s concept of Jesus’ death as our penal substitution?
3.      Is St. Paul considered an Apostle? Or are only The Twelve considered Apostles?
4.      I heard that Scott Hahn said that the Muslims will receive the wrath of God, but that this wrath is actually the love of God. This didn’t sound right to me. What do you think?
5.      Could it be possible that Earth is the largest object in the universe and that the Sun, Moon and stars are way closer than they’re thought to be? Or is their size and distance a known fact?
6.      What have the Catholic Church and the Fathers said the Nephilim were, in Genesis 6? Were they human-angel hybrids?
7.      Is it a sin to use Solomon’s Magic against demons and the fallen?
8.      Do we as American Catholics have a share of culpability responsible for the decline of moral society and culture of our nation?
9.      Was Lucifer the devil, or an ancient king?
10.  Is it permissible for a western rite Roman Catholic to go to Mass and the sacraments in the Ukrainian Catholic Church?
11.  Would you recommend books by creation astronomers like Dr. Danny Faulkner?
12.  Do dinosaurs disprove a young Earth?
13.  Have there been any changes to The Catechism of the Catholic Church book publishings?
14.  If geocentrism is true, why doesn’t NASA confirm that?
15.  Certain soft-back Sungenis books will eventually be made available in hardback.
16.  What sources of information have convinced you that Divine Mercy was a false devotion?
17.  At the End Times Satan will be given some freedom and show many wonders that even the very Elect would have believed.
18.  Are you in favor of the Latin Mass?
19.  If you were to do an experiment to prove that the Earth is at the center of the universe and does not rotate, without a Michelson-Morley experiment, what would you do?
20.  What advice would you give your younger self?
21.  What is your opinion of AA? And is there an alternative for someone who has an addiction to alcohol?
22.  Is the Anti Christ a human?
23.  What do you think of Dr Taylor Marshall?
24.  What do those tabs mean in your Denzinger?
25.  Response to: “America needs to start their own American Catholic Church. Elect women and men. Allow men to be married. Update our thinking. Rome has too many old men making decisions. One reason mostly women attend masses.”
26.  How do I kindly refute my science teacher on creationism, young earth and geocentrism?
27.  How much has the Church affirmed that Judas is in hell? Is it authoritative?
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