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05/13/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Jimmy Akin and Faith and Works Controversy, E. Michael Jones, Hail Marys to Pay for Heaven, un-baptized babies, and more

May 13, 2020
1. Comments on Matt 16:28 concerning Christ’s coming judgment upon men’s works.
2. Comments on the August blessedness of our immaculate Virgin Mother?
3. On Catholic Answers Live, Jimmy Akin [apparently] said that it's a "misconception", esp. amongst Catholics, that the Church teaches that faith and works are required for salvation. Jimmy Akin went on to say [apparently] that faith alone does not save, nor works alone either. So, faith alone doesn't save, works alone doesn't save (we already know these two), and faith and works don't save. So, what does save?
4. Comments on the works of E. Michael Jones?
5. In our Catholic Tradition, who crushed the serpent's head? Was it the Blessed Mother, or our Lord?
6. Comments about St. Louis de Montfort writing that it was an abomination that our Lord would say you can pay your way to Heaven by saying Hail Marys.
7. Is there a video or part of a video on the Foucault Pendulum?
8. Can one be 100% sure that miscarried babies’ souls are in heaven?
9. Can you explain Humani Generis? It seems that we are not allowed to believe in evolution but it was allowed to research it. It that correct?
10. Where can I find your detailed explanation about Noah's Ark?
11. Comments on Gerry defending Montefort by appealing to the “meritus de congruo va de consignor” distinction, and Jesus counting the money that he earned which Mary dispenses via the Rosaries we pray. And comments on “meritus de congruo vs. meritus de condign”.
12. Has there been recent developments or scientific support for the axis of evil supporting geocentrism?
13. Could one say that God justifies through sanctification?
14. Are priests not allowed to use Mozart's Requiem in funerals and Bach's Mass in B minor in Solemn High Masses because Mozart was a Mason and Bach was a Lutheran? Or they can?
15. Why does the Michelson-Morley experiment show a small ether drift but sapphire resonators show no ether drift? Both experiments show that the Earth is not revolving.
16. Comments on the Church’s teaching on “faith and works”.
17. Comments on whether un-baptized babies that die can have the Beatific Vision.