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05/06/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - infallibility of doctrines, how we should live our faith, conversion of the Jewish people, Divine Mercy, Communion in the hand, Savanorola, being sued, Orthodox CCD class, Greek exegetical, God changing His mind, Protestant Bibles, How the Bible developed, VFP, NT canon, infallible teachings, Genesis 5 and 11, Free Will, excommunication, Syllabus of Errors, Index of Forbidden Books

1.      Discussion on various topics including the infallibility of doctrines.
2.      After you’re shutdown on YT and we can’t get the sacraments anywhere, what is your advice on how we should live our faith? Should we look to martyrs, live like monastics or both?
3.      In the End Times, will there be a massive conversion of the Jewish people to the Catholic Faith?
4.      Do we have the right to reject the Divine Mercy revelation? Pius XII and John XXIII condemned the work. Now Divine mercy is everywhere.
5.      If, when mass comes back, they decide to only make communion available to take only in the hand, are you going to go along with it?
6.      Dr. Sungenis, what are your thoughts on Savanorola? Is he a good example for how to act in the face of a debauched, abusive hierarchy, or an example of private opinion run wild, out of control?
7.      Dr. Sungenis, Have you ever been legally sued for standing up for the Catholic faith? How does a Catholic stand up for the faith if he must also think about the consequences that can hurt his family?
8.      Do you know of any Orthodox CCD class (online) for 1st Communion, My daughter needs to make her 1st Communion?
9.      Dr. Sungenis, should I buy your Greek exegetical piece by piece or the whole kit and ka boodle when it’s all done? Will it be more value to wait, or volume by volume?
10.  How then can our pleadings/prayers change His mind? God is all-knowing he sees the totality of history in one glance & God's divine plan is perfect, there is nothing we can tell God that he doesn’t know.
11.  Can you write a HISTORICAL book how the bible developed or came to be as we know it now?
12.  Can you explain the immutability of God?
13.  Why do Protestants accept the Catholic bible, albeit with a few edits? They should compile their own scriptures.
14.  Is NFP the 8th Sacrament or the 11th Commandment?
15.  In regards to the NT canon, if a Protestant asserts that in the OT Jews without an infallible church could recognize scripture, why can't Christians do that for the NT canon without relying on the Church?
16.  What exact statement needs to be said or done for it to be infallible? I sometimes liken it to an executive order. But the executive orders are filed as such.
17.  Do you still believe that the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 do not represent father son relationships as you said in Appendix 4 of the first edition of Not By Bread Alone?
18.  Is free will a dogma of the Church? Because the fact that Christ sees the future (or other mystics/prophets who see the actual events of a future event) would preclude human free will.
19.  In what case/cases can a Catholic excommunicate oneself? Abortion I know is one way.
20.  Are Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors and the Index of Forbidden Books infallible and valid?