Review of : On the Third Secret of Fatima by Kevin J. Symonds

Review of On the Third Secret of Fatima, authored by Kevin J. Symonds, 
ISBN: 978-0-9988940-5-8,
published by En Route Books and Media, 2017

Although Jeff Langan recently wrote a review of Symonds’ book for Culture Wars’ July-August issue, I asked Mike Jones if I could do a counter-article on Symonds’ book. Whereas Mr. Langan’s review was more or less positive, mine is rather critical, but as you will see, for good reason. Perhaps some in the Culture Wars audience may not like or agree with my approach, but I think we should all at least be aware of what is commonly called, ‘the other side of the story.’


  1. The dogma of the faith has not always been preserved in Portugal. Today they have legal abortion, homosexual marriage and one of the lowest birthrates in the world, meaning all those "catholics" with "faith" (ha ha) are contracepted to the eyeballs, even more than US Catholics and certainly more than African Catholics who at least have large families.

    Portugal is just another apostate European nation with NOTHING to demonstrate it has any mark of Catholic faith. It hardly has a Tridentine Rite mass in the entire country. The UK (a largely protestant and atheist nation) has about 60 old rite masses spread up and down the land.


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