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04/29/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Death Penalty, Adam and Eve, Ordinary Magisterium, JP2 is a Saint, Pangea, Old Covenant, Theology of the Body, James White

1.      Comments on the Death Penalty.
2.      Why did Adam and Eve became ashamed of their bodies?
3.      What was “the knowledge of good and evil”?
4.      Is the Ordinary Magisterium of the Catholic Church ALWAYS infallible?
5.      Are the incorrupt bodies proof of saints and the supernatural faith of Catholicism? Because some claims there are incorrupt gurus too.
6.      Do you believe JP2 is a Saint?
7.      Did something like Pangea really exist hundreds of millions of years ago where all the continents were joined together? Or are the positions of all the continents today, the same as in the beginning of the world?
8.      Can you be saved if you don’t go to Church but do the right things when making decisions?
9.      In the Good Friday petitions, we pray that the Jews “may continue to grow . . . in faithfulness to [God’s] covenant.” In light of the reality that the Old Covenant has been abolished, how can this petition be interpreted in an orthodox sense?
10.  What are we to do about 1-issue voters? For example, I feel like certain folks would vote for Gaddafi if he was prolife.
11.  What was the problem with “Theology of the Body” of Pope John Paul 2?
12.  Is there any subject you haven’t debated James White on?
13.  Where can I read more about Masonic influence on the theory of evolution? Why do Masons have such a strong influence on science; what’s their agenda?
14.  Regarding the rich man in hell asking for Abraham and Lazarus to intercede for him: Could Catholics use this to make a case for saintly intercession?
15.  Why are the popes so scared of consecrating Russia to Mary? What is the big deal of saying a prayer for the Blessed Virgin Mary? What is it that they're scared of exactly?