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04/08/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

April 8, 2020
1.      Thanks to everyone that helped answer questions in the online chat!
2.      I would not limit Imprecatory Prayers solely to priests’ use.
3.      I don’t put much stock in The Great Monarch Prophecies.
4.      You need to be careful about Private Revelations.
5.      Where can we find the Church’s interpretation of certain difficult Bible passages?
6.      We should interpret the Bible literally unless it is impossible to do so.
7.      Please explain the double motion of the Moon in the geocentric model.
8.      What do you think about the experimental Coronavirus vaccine; and would you take it?
9.      Can God’s freedom and foreknowledge make sense to humans?
10.  Do you think Job was a real person?
11.  Opinions of Origen.
12.  Do you think the Church can accept “virtual confessions” now that we have the internet?
13.  What is your opinion of the Noahide laws?
14.  Would you love your two debates with Butler vs. Zins and Andrews to be available as mp3s?
15.  What is the teaching of the Catholic Church with regard to the Protestant belief of the Rapture?
16.  What is your view on the “Third Temple”?
17.  Can we still ask our questions online for $4?
18.  Could the Anti-Christ be the Pope? Is that possible? Or would the Anti-Christ split off from or leave the Church?
19.  The two Sister Lucias: Should we trust the scientists?
20.  What is your opinion on Traditional-Latin-Mass-’ers looking down on women wearing pants? Isn’t what men and women wear relative to culture?
21.  Quick comment about the Pertussis vaccine.
22.  Is the idea that only the human nature of Christ died on the cross Nestorianism? Would it better to say that the God the Son died?
23.  What a shame that the Church shut down and abandoned its people.  Isn’t that why you should go directly to God and don’t depend on man as your priest?
24.  Did Gregory of Nyssa teach universalism?
25.  Is Bill Gates a precursor to the Anti-Christ?
26.  Is it predetermined how holy we each have the potential to be?
27.  How do respond to Protestants who use Isaiah 64:6 to prove Faith Alone? Are our works really filthy rags?
28.  How do Protestants define Faith, so we can explain to them that works is just as important in the salvation of souls?
29.  We should just believe as the children of Fatima believed: simply and full of trust in a loving God.
30.  Dr. Sungenis, let’s stop worrying about predestination and start living like Saints instead.
31.  Dr. Sungenis, what is your take on Divine Mercy?
32.  How do we answer accusation about a talking snake in the Garden of Eden, by guys like Bill Maher?