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04/21/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

April 21, 2020
1.      Everything we say has an effect on people.
2.      If God is pure act and has no potentialities that can be actualized, what do we say of the incarnation of Christ where arguably his form changed to that of a man, hence actualizing a potency?
3.      Do you believe the [Covid-19] pandemic is one of many chastisements on the world by God for its sins?
4.      Is it true that as long as we are living, the Devil is free to do as much as Christ allows?
5.      What are the conditions for a true Catholic martyrdom unto death? Can a Catholic seek out martyrdom, or must it seek him out?
6.      If Sunday is the first day of the week, isn’t Sunday the last day of Creation where God rested?
7.      In Matt 23, when Jesus says to do as the Pharisees say but not as they do … does this refer to the Pharisees’ authority as the occupant of an office or does it refer to their reading of the Law when they sit in the chair of Moses?
8.      What theological note is attributed to the moralicity of capital punishment?
9.      Was Annibale Bugnini a heretic?
10.  Why is the Holy Ghost called both Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit?
11.  Have you heard of Fr. John Barnett of the US Catholic Conference from 1966?
12.  Regarding the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary, what were the sorrows of Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane? Was one of them the loss of souls?
13.   Will history perceive a break from papal authority of the US hierarchy over issues like contraception, a reformation-like situation in America after Vatican II, the death of JFK, Catholic higher education, etc.?
14.  Is the sexual scandal [in the Church] used as a vehicle to discredit catholic priests? The Pennsylvania grand jury only convicted 2 out of 300 priests; and Cardinal Pell was wrongly convicted.