04/14/20 Robert Sungenis Live - Protestant vs Catholic concepts on the Crucifixion; Expiation vs Propitiation; Dating of the New Testament books; How to pray according to God's will

1. The Passion of the Christ
2. Protestant vs Catholic concepts on the Crucifixion
3. Not By Bread Alone
4. Penal Substitution (Protestant View); Jesus suffered the punishment of sin
5. Forensic Justification
6. Expiation vs Propitiation
7. Dating of the New Testament books
8. General opinion of President Trump, his policies, his stance on Israel, etc.
9. Benedict XVI and his red shoes
10. What language was Pontius Pilate be speaking?
11. Easter on Saturday or Sunday?
12. How to pray according to God's will
13. Age of the universe
14. Victim souls


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