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04/15/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

April 15, 2020
1.      Further explanation of the Atonement.
2.      The hours of the events of the Crucifixion in Mark 15:25.
3.      How to respond to Baptists who say that drinking alcohol is a sin, and that wine in the Bible is grape juice?
4.      Will “Not by Bread Alone” and “Not by Scripture Alone” be available in hardcover?
5.      Robert, have you read “The Book of Destiny” by Fr. Herman Bernard Kramer?
6.      Comments on the recent SSPX drama between Taylor Marshall, Voris and the Gordon brothers. What is your take on the SSPX and the misinformation spread about them?
7.      Can you help me defend the Catholic doctrine of indulgences? Is this doctrine found in scripture anywhere? Did Jesus or the Apostles mention that there was reparation for sins already forgiven?
8.      Dr. Sungenis, what is your opinion of Communion in the hand?
9.      Robert, do you use sacramentals (blessed salt, holy water, medals) for protection against evil?
10.  Why did Jesus tell Mary Magdalene not to touch him after His resurrection?
11.  What do you do for insurance when you have such a big family?
12.  During this pandemic, do you think it is ok to go to an SSPX to receive Communion?
13.  Robert, have you changed your view on any faith issues during this Coronavirus?
14.  Today is the last day of the 25% off sale.
15.  I heard Jesus was in the Tomb for 40 hours. Is there a way to know what time He resurrected on Easter morning?
16.  Does the reddish color of the Sun during sunset have anything to do with the elliptical orbit of the Sun and its getting farther from the Earth?
17.  If Polaris revolves around some central point, would this be an argument for heliocentrism?
18.  Bob, is there any way you could answer questions faster so that we can get to more questions?
19.  Robert, the issue with Tim Gordon and Taylor Marshall is the reason we need a Pope to make the final judgment.
20.  Response regarding a gay parishioner who says he reconciles his lifestyle with Church teaching by following his conscience.
21.  Did Mary give birth to Jesus’ soul? His soul did not exist before the incarnation.
22.  Robert, in "Bible Studies for Catholics" you say on page 353 that those in the Noachian flood would be condemned on the Last Day. How can this be, in light of 1Pet3:19-20 where Jesus preaches to the souls [in Abraham’s bosom]?
23.  What is the difference between soul and spirit?
24.  Robert, can you explain why Matthew Chapter 21 speaks about two donkeys as opposed to 1 donkey like Mark, Luke, and John? Has he misunderstood the prophecy from Zechariah 9:9b?