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04/22/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

April 22, 2020
1.      Cornelius Lapide says that the original Gospel of Mark was written in Greek and Latin also. He refers to a relic of the original which had then faded to white. What are your thoughts on that?
2.      What do you think of St. Alfonso Lagorio’s Moral Theologia? And do you agree that he is a new Thomas Aquinas for moral theology?
3.      Comments on Dr. Brandt Pitre’s explanation of the Eucharist mystery in “The Forth Cup, Jesus, and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist”.
4.      Thoughts on Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the fiasco involving the venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen.
5.      Should Catholics join SSPX and FSSP parishes? Is one recommended over the other?
6.      Did Trent teach that ALL merit in one’s life is lost by one mortal sin or only if one dies in that state? What does confession restore; all or some of that merit?
7.      Did St. Thomas really put his fingers into the Lord’s side like some painting depict?
8.      Have you seen Church Militant’s reporting on the SSXP which was released today?
9.      Robert, have you ever used as an apologetic the reports that Protestant exorcisms often don’t work, and sometimes have to resort to Catholic exorcisms to be effective?
10.  What is your opinion of Fr. John Hardon?
11.  Why did God allow multiple wives and concubines in the Old Testament?
12.  How do we reason (have an intellectual discussion) with a priest who believes in the evolution of doctrines. Is that the same as development of doctrine?
13.  What are the best Catholic Universities to learn Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Aramaic? Who is the most knowledgeable Christian on the original languages that the Bible was written in?
14.  What church documents or magisterial teachings can I use to negate the evolution of doctrines and belief?
15.  What is a concave earth?
16.  Can you give us an exegesis of John 3:16-21?
17.  Would Polaris’ having a precession every 26,000 years debunk the theory that the earth's north pole will be tilted towards Vega?
18.  ​Is it possible to figure out the axis on which the universe rotates? If so would there be a way to see the universe turning by being in that axis (not on earth)?
19.  Is it false that in order to carry more payload, rockets are always launched to the east so they can take advantage of the supposed rotation of the earth?
20.  Do you think that Roy Schoeman is someone to be trusted, given his story about the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing to him and his "veil theory" regarding the Jews and Catholicism?
21.  What do you make out of the contradictions that Bart Ehrman points out in the bible, like the death if Judas or whether Jesus died before or after Passover?
22.  Do you adhere to Vatican II? What do you think about the shifting from "Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus" to calling other religions as "means of salvation" (Unitatis Redintegratio)?