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04/28/20 - Robert Sungenis Live - Michael the archangel, age of the earth, “Q” document, COVID19, Matthew 10:21 and Matthew 10:34-37, catholic or orthodox, Catholic podcasts for live interviews, 3rd Secret of Fatima, Tim Gordon’s show Rules for Retrogrades, Bro. Peter Dimond

1.      Are we in error making Michael the archangel a Saint? What about 1 Peter 1:12?
Don’t angels long to look into our salvation? How do we explain an Angel is a St.?
2.      What is your take on the age of the earth? Anne Catherine Emmerich’s writings say, “Christ was born when the year of the world 3,997 was not yet quite completed”. Is the age of the world 6,000 years?
3.      Can you again explain why the “Q” document is an error and the gospel writers did not rely on it? In the NAB intro on Matthew they talk about it as if they did rely on it.
4.      I believe that the unmoving Earth is at the center of the universe and that the entire universe rotates daily around the Earth. In this system, what accounts for the different SEASONS of the year?
5.      Do any of the Sungenises have Covid-19?
6.      During the first 3 centuries of the Church until the Edict of Milan in 313 ... are you aware of any act of violence or self-defense by Christians against Roman persecution?
7.      Can you please exegete Matthew 10:21 and Matthew 10:34-37? Is there a reason husbands and wives aren’t included. Does it fit with the 4th commandment?
8.      When God said "I am the first and the last" does it mean that eventually creation will be undone?
9.      I would imagine that in a geocentric universe, the Dzanibekov effect, in which a wing nut flips 180 degrees all of a sudden, happens because of the inertial forces turning around the earth. Since this phenomenon happens both in space and on earth, I don't see a way in which a heliocentric world generate this weird effect locally as a real force. What do you think?
10.  How did Jesus keep the Torah if he was speaking literally about drinking his blood?
11.  Should I be catholic or orthodox?
12.  Can members of those Eastern Churches which are not in communion with Rome be saved?
13.  Will you ever go on any Catholic podcasts for live interviews? There are quite a lot out there. I've heard your name touted a few times. Would you go on there if your views are different?
14.  Where can I find your debates with atheists about geocentrism? I can’t find any on YouTube.
15.  What are your views on the 3rd Secret of Fatima?
16.  Protestants argue that Jews did not need an infallible church to know the OT canon and therefore we don’t need an infallible church today to know the NT canon. What is the best counter to that?
17.  I heard it was only "fitting" that Mary be sinless, not that it was 100% necessary. However in your debate with Tony Costa, you said that Mary had to be sinless for Christ to have a sinless human nature. Could you please elaborate?
18.  Is it true that the more we learn, the less significant our earth becomes?
19.  Did you ever appear on Tim Gordon’s show Rules for Retrogrades to discuss feminism?
20.  What was it like debating Bro. Peter Dimond on Nos Aetate, and do you think you won or lost the debate?
21.  If the Church declares a Saint, but the person was really evil, are they in heaven?