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09/02/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

September 2, 2020
1. How can we know the Church is infallible if we need an infallible Church to know the infallible canon of scripture?
2. How old is the Earth? 6000 or 10000 years?
3. Does a pre-nuptial agreement invalidate a marriage?
4. What do we do if we’re required to get vaccinations that were made with stem cells?
5. Was either geocentrism or heliocentrism ever declared a dogmatic teaching?
6. Comments on priests condoning homosexuality.
7. In geocentrism, is the Sun smaller and closer to us?
8. Is a good argument to Protestants the fact that Church preceded the Scriptures?
9. Can the concept of Karma be reconciled with Catholic Teaching?
10. Can your unmarried, co-habituating child and partner still visit you in your home?
11. Is the SSPX Mass a valid Mass?
12. Is the Last Supper a Seder or Passover meal? What about the Fourth Cup theory?
13. How can we obtain plenary indulgences if we can’t go to Mass during the pandemic?
14. Can people be saved that were raised in a totally non-Christian religion/culture?
15. If there are no transitional fossils, why are evolutionists so cocky?
16. How can I know if God is calling me to be an apologist?
17. How do I develop my love of apologetics?
18. If Jesus and his disciples didn’t need a vaccine, then neither should we, right?
19. Should we believe everything in the Old Testament?
20. Are natural disasters caused by God or by Satan?
21. If tradition is an infallible source, why did Jesus condemn the Pharisees’ Corban tradition?
22. Where is Hell located?
23. Comments on the new Italian translation of the Gloria?
24. Converting from Protestantism, should I join the Catholic Orthodox?
25. Should the words during the consecration be “for all” or “for many”?
26. Why doesn’t the Church teach more apologetics?
27. Suggested reading for someone inquiring about the Catholic Church?